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The ‘Inflatable Hunk’ is Here To Provide All Your Summer Lovin’

Summer is on its way and I don't know about you, but I'm not letting just any 25-year-old boy in his mom's Toyota Prius pick me up for ice cream this year.

It's 2019 and our summer fling standards have gone waaay up, honey. We need dependability. We need a good attitude. We need someone who isn't going to take two sips of a Bud Lite and ask his friends to Instagram Live him climbing the roof of the community center Brad.

I'd like to introduce you to 'Inflatable Hunk'.


Pop Fix is now selling an inflatable pool ring shaped like a life guard and honestly, human men are cancelled.

It's a classic red and white pool ring attached to your very own pool boy, and it's only $23.00. '

It's also available on Amazon, though currently sold out.

All the abs with none of the 3 AM "You up?"

Pop Fix

Lounge in your pool in the arms of your safety stud.

This 32 x 29 inch piece of summer lovin' also comes with a drink holder.

A drink holder.

My last summer fling didn't even own an ice cube tray.

The inflatable hunk is a serial monogamist.

Pop Fix

The pool floaty can legitimately only fit one person at a time.

However, you and your friends can share in the fun with the Inflatable Hunk Toss Game for only $16.00.

This man is everyone's type.

Instagram | @luckyb_rad

Summer enthusiasts from across the globe have already started snapping pics with their new pool boy partners.

He's even smiling in every photo. Does your boyfriend do that? Didn't think so.

This summer is your summer.

Pop Fix

Imagine the relaxation. The quiet. The serine experience of being able to hear your own thoughts as you glide across the water in your lover's arms.

Once the sun starts the shine, we'll all benefit from having the inflatable hunk by our side.