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32 Brilliant Broke Hacks For A Bit Of Extra Cash

If you are one of the lucky ones who is never in need of a little extra cash, I'm beyond jealous of you. While I might be financially comfortable, a few extra dollars here and there never hurt anyone.

But beyond getting a part-time job or taking on a side hustle, where is this extra cash going to come from? Fear not, there are a ridiculous number of ways you can save some money, and many of them involve pretty much no work at all.

1. Travelling by air is expensive, there's no denying that.

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So any hacks that can help you save a few extra dollars on flights is amazing. Apparently, Tuesday at 3 p.m. about six weeks before your trip is the best time to book your next getaway.

2. This is usually the case for pretty much any online shopping platform.

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It's called "cart abandonment" and they'll usually come chasing you down with a discount to convince you to buy.

It's perfect if you were already planning on buying anyways.

3. This is a great way to save for yourself, or help your kids save a few (hundred) dollars.

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Dimes aren't worth enough to notice when you have them with your small change in your wallet, but are worth enough to make an impact when you save them all.

4. Instant noodles are every college students' best friend.

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But if you get them from an Asian grocery store, not only is there a better variety, they're often a little bit cheaper, too.

5. Search for student discounts everywhere, even if you're not currently a student.

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My student card didn't expire for another two years after I graduated, so they're really to thank for all the money I've saved.

6. Don't buy brand name food from the grocery store!

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You can save so much by getting no name or house brand items. They are usually a few dollars cheaper and basically taste the same.

If you're not already doing this, who are you, a millionaire?

7. Who needs plates when all you eat is takeout anyway?


Save some money on plates, or save some water washing them, by using the cardboard box instead. You can even use this hack to save leftover pizza (as if that's a thing).

8. Learn which month is best to make different types of purchases.

The Budget Diet | The Budget Diet

The Budget Diet goes into detail about which items are best to buy each month, and why. January is filled with post-holiday sales that you just can't beat.

9. Who needs a pharmacy when you've got home remedies right in your pantry?

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You can easily make some homemade remedies with stuff found in your kitchen. There's also plenty of cleaning supplies you can make, too.

10. I'm not sure who has leftover wine in a bottle, but if you do, this hack is perfect for you.

The Art Of Doing Stuff | The Art Of Doing Stuff

Lots of meals call for wine, so freeze leftovers from your bottle in an ice cube tray to use in the future. Then save any other bottles for next Friday night.

11. Wrap a little bit of plastic wrap around the top of your bananas to make them last a little bit longer.

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I'm not entirely sure why this works, but sometimes grocery stores sell them like this, so I believe it's legit.

12. If your milk is close to expiry, use this hack to make the tastiest coffee you've ever had.

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Crush up some Oreos and freeze them in an ice cube tray with some milk. Toss them in your coffee and your taste buds will thank you for it.

13. Are you tired of your brown sugar going hard and becoming unusable?

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Apparently, if you stick some marshmallows in the bag, it won't get hard. I'm not sure of the science behind this, but it sounds kind of tasty.

14. If you're extra hungry or want to share a meal for two, try this hack from Chipotle.

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There's tons more where this came from, including how to get extra double chicken on your burritos.

15. Make sure you don't waste any soap by cutting a hole in a sponge for it to rest inside.

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I personally hate it when soap gets all over its dish or the counter, so this is pretty rad.

16. Revive pressed powder but using a strip of tape.

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Everyone produces oil (no one's pores are perfect!), and it can have a hardening effect on powder. Press tape onto the compact to lift off old residue.

17. Why do you think car salespeople are so pushy? 

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It's because they've got quotas to meet and commissions to make. But at the end of the month, they'll forgo larger commissions to hit those quotas.

18. Wait until the end of the month to make large purchases.


Car salespeople aren't the only ones with quotas to meet by the end of the month. Lots of people will drop their prices to sell other big items, too.

19. You can use the pharmacy at Costco even when you don't have a store membership.

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It's part of some government law about warehouses and prescription drugs, so this totally benefits everyone.

20. Use wool balls in the dryer instead of dryer sheets.

DIY Natural | DIY Natural

These work just as well at reducing static, and they keep your clothes surprisingly soft. They can be used repeatedly to save you money!

21. Try shopping at a thrift store for basics like jeans and t-shirts.

Livoca | Livoca

You'll be surprised at the quality of items you can find for next to nothing. Once you're a pro, you can also get appliances, sports gear, and more.

22. You might think this is pretty ridiculous, but it's actually really handy if you are somewhere (like a hotel room) without a microwave.

Ashley Money Saver | Ashley Money Saver

My dad has done this before and used the heater in a hotel room to make this work. So I know it's sort of legit.

23. Buying fruit to get juice out of is pricey, and so is buying a full container when you don't actually need it.

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If you microwave those suckers, you can get more juice out of them and save some money (and time!).

24. Need a phone stand but can't be bothered to buy one?

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All you need is an elastic band and you're golden. But hey, don't blame me if your phone falls out and you're stuck explaining to people how your phone shattered into a hundred pieces.

25. Always have a large glass of water whenever you're feeling hungry.


People often mistake the feeling of thirst for hunger. So the best way to test it out is to chug back a glass of water to see if it makes a difference.

26. A water-saving hack that's great for the environment and your pocket.

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Add a brick to your toilet tank. Since less water will be needed to fill the bowl when you flush, you'll save big every time.

27. This hack is mostly focused on the nutritional benefits and health of your body, but just think about it for a minute.

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If you were to cut all these out of your life, you'd save a ton of money, too.

28. Use your own bank's ATM instead of a third party's ATM to save a few bucks every time you take out money.

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If you know there will only be a third party ATM on site, it's worth stopping at your bank to get some cash before da club.

29. Get more beef in your sandwich at Arby's by ordering two junior roast beef sandwiches.

Mommy's Fabulous Finds | Mommy's Fabulous Finds

Mommy's Fabulous Finds found out that two of these actually have more beef than one regular sandwich.

30. Use websites like eBates to get cash back on everyday purchases from a ridiculous amount of stores.

eBates | eBates

Any time you make a purchase online, using eBates gives you cash back.

31. Stop paying the "convenience tax" on pre-cooked, pre-cut, pre-marinaded foods. 

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If your goal is to save money, buying that bag of shredded carrots isn't helping. Unless you're in a rush, do your own prep at home.

32. If your bra's underwire is starting to poke through the fabric, use a pad to cover up the spot.

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Because pads are meant to stick to fabric, they do a pretty bang up job of staying put.

It'll help you get through until you can buy a new bra (and we all know how pricey those are).