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Maisie Williams Just Spilled All The Spicy Details On Filming THAT Arya and Gendry Scene

Things are getting steamy on Game Of Thrones (and in other news, the sky is still blue and the tin man still poops in the woods).

Oh, by the way: Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

The actors on "Game Of Thrones" are no stranger to racy scenes


Pretty much everyone on the critically acclaimed TV series has boinked before.

They lay so much pipe over on GoT that Daenerys Targaryen is a certified plumber.

In fact, there are only three confirmed virgins on the show


And they would be Bran Stark, Brienne of Tarth, and probably Dolorous Edd.

Also, probably the Night King, but we don't want to say anything slanderous. Especially to an ice demon.

There used to be four, but things changed.


During the most recent episode, there were a lot of touching/important moments. Jamie Lannister knighted Brienne (not like that, you pervs), Dany and Jon had an important talk about family, and so on and so forth.

But there was one scene in particular that caught everyone off guard.


That scene was between Arya and Gendry, and let's just say they, like, totally did it.

You see, there's a really good chance that soon, they all die in battle.


And Arya didn't want to die a lame, nerdo virgin.

So, she went to the guy who she found pretty darn attractive.

In fact, they even had a scene where she was ogling him at the forge at the beginning of the episode.

Then, after some time, they do the nasty.

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We'll spare you some of the gorier details, but Arya essentially tells Gendry she wants to know what it feels like to do the dew before she dies, and then they... well, you know.

And the scene has been a bit of a divider among fans

Some rightfully think that the whole scene was uncomfortable. I mean, we've known this girl since she was 12, and seeing her undress is like watching a niece or a daughter do so.

Some fans, on the other hand, are proud of little Arya.

Vulture even wrote an article about how the scene is great for Arya, and that the creators are "finally letting her be a teenager"

Either way, there was one person who was quite surprised by the scene

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And that's the actress that portrays Arya, Maisie Williams.

She didn't know what to think about the scene at first.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, she said:


For starters, Maisie says "at first, I thought it was a prank." And then she was all "I need to go to the gym."

At first, it was kind of weird for Maisie.

She recalls: "In the beginning, everyone was really respectful. No one wants to make you feel uncomfortable which kind of makes you feel more uncomfortable, because no one wants to look at anything that they shouldn’t look at, which in turn makes you feel like you look awful because everyone is kind of like [averts eyes]. You want people to act more normal."

Luckily, the creators let her decide how much to show.


Apparently, David Benioff and D. B. Weiss were very accommodating when it came to how much skin she wanted to reveal.

She remembers they said: "You can show as much or as little as you want,'".

So, she kept the nudity to a minimum


She says: "So I kept myself pretty private. I don’t think it’s important for Arya to flash. This beat isn’t really about that. And everybody else has already done it on the show, so… "

Fun fact: she actually learned about the scene from her costar and best friend, Sophie Turner.

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The actress who plays Sansa Stark recalls this interaction between the two actresses: "[I] called Maisie and was like: 'Have you read it yet?' And she’s like, ‘I’m midway through episode one.’ And I’m like: This scene, this page, read it! This is awesome! She was very happy."

What's your take on the Arya sex scene?


Was it weird for you, or are you proud of the little lady for finally joining the ranks of non-virgins?

And Night King, listen, we know we're still cool... right? Right?