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19+ Horrifying Finds That Can Go Back To The Nightmares They Came From

Have you ever been out for a hike in the woods, stopped to rest on a log, and seen something that made you want to get back to hiking at top speed? Or maybe you'be bought a new house and gone exploring in the attic/cellar and found a disturbing scene that begs for an explanation?

Well, that's the sort of thing that happened to these folks — and they got some pics to share with us!

Somebody found a tooth resting on top of a sign.

Reddit | kangaroo_person

Which is definitely not where teeth are supposed to be.

At least it doesn't look, um, fresh?

Apparently a theater worker found this mess when cleaning up after a flick.

Reddit | dankityfranki

I sincerely hope that's just Fruitopia spattered there. As for the greasy hand print on the seat, well, I'm sure this isn't the first theater seat that's happened to. But I wouldn't want to be the poor schmuck who has to clean it up!

You can find wasp nests in all kinds of odd places, but on a snail's shell??

Reddit | dante7894

Wasps are nature's biggest jerks, and it's terrifying to think that they can build nests onto other animals.

Also, that's a brave person for picking it up.

Travelers encountered this empty raft floating somewhere between Indonesia and Australia.

Reddit | E5RA-OZ

Absolute best case scenario is that this floated off from shore because it wasn't tied up properly. There are many, many worse scenarios that seem much more likely, however — and sad.

Did the people who made the Chuck E. Cheese animatronics suffer from PTSD?

Reddit | Zaptrix

As if the completed animatronics didn't give out enough nightmares to kids, the half-finished ones are horrors.

Buying used furniture can be risky, but usually it doesn't come with surprises like this.

Reddit | antarticpenisula123

For the record, someone on Reddit did put the coordinates into Google Earth and it brought up a strange looking spot in Florida.

Just imagine having to deliver the mail to this house that's off the main roads.

Reddit | WeHaveAllBeenThere

In fact, the mail carrier who's on that route posted this pic after finding it while delivering a "package of logs." Just in case you had any doubts, "I did not walk it to the door," he said.

When you get a bonus with your bananas.

Reddit | Growdanielgrow

Could be mold, could be spider's nest. Either way, you're better off taking them into the yard and setting fire to them.

I've never been so happy to live in the 21st century.

Reddit | Chewii

I mean, the bugs in the age of dinosaurs must have been absolute nightmares, and this prehistoric specimen trapped in amber confirms it.

As if the spiny hermit crab's shell wasn't bad enough, it has gone and used a worn-out doll's head for its home.

Reddit | jamspangle

The only saving grace here is that it's a doll's head and not a real skull.

Well, this would explain a lot.

Reddit | brittneygann97

Starting with why the rubber gloves folks at this workplace have been sharing for months stink of mildew.


There are two real kids in this photo!

Reddit | SarahMcGonagall

This could be an attempt at cuteness, but it also wouldn't be out of place as a crucial piece of evidence pointing to the warped upbringing of a serial killer being tracked in an episode of Criminal Minds.

Turns out squid don't just use suction to latch onto you.

Reddit | Nemesis9007

Sometimes their suckers have razor sharp little teeth, too. So, um, yikes.

Someone found a beetle in some serious distress.

Reddit | BillHarris471

Further evidence that nature is gross and does gross things, parasitic wasp larvae are using this poor beetle as a host. Yuck.

This thrift store thinks customers will want to buy molds of people's teeth for some reason.

Reddit | johnnc2

Sure, I'm just going to stick my arm into a big box of teeth and root around for the good ones. Right.

There are good, sound reasons why I couldn't have been a dentist.

This is not a real child. This is a doll, intended to be a toy for a real child.

Reddit | tranquil-potato

Maybe a bit too real? Like, a Cabbage Patch Kid farmed in the uncanny valley, amirite?

Spiders are scary, but they're not at the top of the food chain.

Reddit | iDrinkOxygen

There are other things they need to be scared of, like a certain variety of fungus that will turn them into "zombies."

Just what you want to see when your window nine feet up gets foggy, right?

Reddit | Cibudeus

You want to think that maybe it was a window cleaner or maintenance person who put those there, but you also can't help wondering, right?

What fresh hell is going on here?

Reddit | biglanga

Just a bug making a cocoon and stitching itself into the fabric of a lounge chair.

Fun find on a sunny day, right? All part of the joys of getting the summer gear out of winter storage!

Well, this would turn me off of gardening for a while.

Reddit | Tiwarii

If not forever. You'd think gardening would be a safe, skull-free activity, but you'd be wrong.

A driver found this note on his windshield and his tires slashed.

Reddit | Gavinardo

I don't think it's a huge surprise that we share the roads with complete psychopaths, but rarely do we see it displayed so chillingly.

Someone found a whole graveyard in the woods behind their new house.

Reddit | khunter610

It's pretty sad that so many final resting spots have been forgotten, and it's also not the sort of place you'd want to go wandering at night.

Found at the back of a closet, this looks like someone managed to get a picture of a demon.

Reddit | NotSkirtWeather

Apparently it's actually a pic of the person who posted it back in elementary school, playing the Wizard in the school's production of The Wizard of Oz.

It did not age well.

This real airport restroom is a nightmare for all of us, I hope.

Reddit | z07893

Seriously, having to look a stranger in the eye while you're both trying to do your business is basically a Saw movie, right?