Here's How These 'Game Of Thrones' Characters Have Changed Since Their First Episode

Boy, Game Of Thrones has been a bumpy ride!

We've loved, we've lost, we've done all sorts of things. But now, it's time to see how some of our favorite characters have progressed through the series. Alive characters only, so


Jon Snow: Season 1


Jon started the series as a fresh-faced, wide-eyed, illegitimate son of a Northern lord (or so we thought).

Honestly, his story was kind of a bummer, and I honestly expected he wouldn't make it this long.

Jon Snow: Season 8


But now, he has become a true contender for the iron throne.

He's also in a relationship with his aunt. Incest? In Game Of Thrones? That's impossible!

Daenerys Targaryen: Season 1


When we first saw the mother of dragons, she was scared, being controlled by her brother and kind of doe-eyed.

She was starting to get control of her life mid-season, but she was nothing like we know her today.

Daenerys Targaryen: Season 8


Now, she's kicking butt and taking names, riding dragons, and gunning for the Iron Throne.

She's also Jon Snow's aunt, and they share, as we've established, a totally normal relationship.

Cersei Lannister: Season 1


She was conniving, she was clearly evil, she lusted for power as much as she lusted for... well, her brother.

Jeez, Game Of Thrones! Will you give us a break?

Cersei Lannister: Season 8


She's lost sons, she's lost brothers (figuratively) and she's lost a whole lot of friends, but Cersei is pretty much still the scheming, powerful queen from season 1.

Tyrion Lannister: Season 1


This guy has been kicked around all his life. In season 1, people were always putting him down, but he was constantly ready with a witty comeback.

Tyrion Lannister: Season 8


Now, since self-exile, imprisonment and, shudders, marriage, he's back as the Hand Of The Queen under Daenerys.

Which, honestly, doesn't seem like such a bad gig for a dwarf in Westeros.

Jamie Lannister: Season 1 to Season 8


Starting out as an arrogant kingslayer adorned in gold, this man was humbled by the Starks and had his hand cut off.

He's even abandoned his sister and lover, Cersei, because of her actions.

Samwell Tarly: Season 1 to Season 8


Sam has turned from a self-proclaimed coward forced to join the Night's Watch in Season 1, to an integral part of destroying the White Walkers.

Good for you, Sam.

Theon Greyjoy: Season 1 to Season 8


He started out as a "prisoner" of the Starks, tried to take Winterfell, was tortured extensively by Ramsay Bolton and now, a presumably very tired Theon is joining up with Daenerys.

Arya Stark: Season 1 to Season 8


Arya Stark has grown up a lot since season 1.

She's gone blind, she's spent an excessive amount of time with the Hound, and now, in season 8, she's a trained assassin with a license to seduce.

Sansa Stark: Season 1 to Season 8

Decider, Forbes.com

Oh, how this sweet summer child loved and fangirled over her prince in season 1!

Since then she's gotten a bit of an edge, and she's now the Lady of Winterfell!

Bran Stark: Season 1 to Season 8


Ah, how he loved to run, jump, climb and walk... in the first episode of Season 1.

Since then, he's lost his ability to walk, but gained some psychic ones in the process. You win some, you lose some.

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Who is your favorite Game Of Thrones character? Why do you like their arc the best? Or, are they dead and have you just been sulking for seven straight seasons? #RIPNedStark #NeverForget