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Daniel Radcliffe Responds After Fans Want Him To Play The Next James Bond

The name of the character is Bond... James Bond. But who will be the next actor named to play him?

Today, we dive into the response one actor had to fans wanting him to play the iconic spy.

As we all know, Daniel Craig is the current James Bond.

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We've gone through Sean Connery, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan, and Timothy Dalton, but since 2006, Mr. Craig has been playing 007.

And he's done pretty well.


Skyfall, Spectre, and Quantum of Solace were all decent movies, with Casino Royale probably being the best of the bunch. For obvious reasons.

And it looks like he might be in more.

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Even after he said: he'd “rather slash [his] wrists” than play James Bond again, it seems he'll be back for another. And maybe even more.

The new movie, called "Bond 25" might be one of his last


Tabloids have rumored that Daniel will be in two more Bond movies, but for now, let's pretend that Bond 25 will be his final 007 film.

So who will replace him? Who will be the next James Bond?


There are a lot of people interested in playing the role, but there are only a few who would be interesting in the role.

Idris Elba has been a popular candidate.

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Rumors of Elba being the next Bond have been circulating since 2014, when a leaked email from a Sony producer said: “Idris should be the next bond.”

However, Idris Elba has tried to distance himself from the role.

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He said in an interview with The Daily Mail:

"Bond is one of the biggest franchises in the world, and for that reason, whoever ends up playing it, lives it. You’re THAT character, and known as that character for many, many years. I’m creating characters now that can still live alongside Idris. Not ones that take over me and solely define me."

Now enter Daniel Radcliffe.


The Harry Potter actor who played... well, you already know, has been up to a lot these days.

He's been in a whole bunch of movies since he was the Boy who lived.


He was Arthur Kipps in The Woman in Black, a young man who comes to a village and discovers an evil ghost is terrorizing the locals. Madness ensues.

And he's had a slew of interesting roles, including a cameo on The Simpsons. It was his hardest role ever. He had to play... Daniel Radcliffe.

But, some people want him to play James Bond.

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"When people meet me in America and hear my English accent, they say, 'You should play James Bond,'" Daniel said in an interview on The Graham Norton Show

However, the British actor has refuted those claims

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He went on to say: "I know, and everyone here knows, I will never be James Bond, but playing a Bond-like Playmobil character felt much more likely!"

Back in 2016, Daniel was asked about playing Bond, and he revealed that he wasn't even a big fan of the series.

"I've never been a massive Bond fan," he revealed.

"I love what Daniel Craig has done with it, but I don't think I'm very castable as Bond," he went on.

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Clearly, Daniel is very self-aware.

He would, however, be up for playing a villain in a Bond flick.

"A Bond baddy, a bad guy in Bond, that'd be fun, but I don't think I'm necessarily the hero in those movies," he said.

What do you think?

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Who do you think should play the next James Bond? Harry Potter? Heimdall? Heck, why can't Luke Skywalker do it? It's about time we had a Jedi James Bond.