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Chris Evans Responded To Fans Who Demanded Captain America And Bucky Hook Up

Woah! Well, that sure is one heck of a title.

Let's explore a time when the world of shipping clashed with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Captain America sure has gone through a lot, hasn't he?


Ever since his first movie in 2011, the man in the red white and blue suit sure has gotten in his fair share of scrapes.

With Nazis, with Aliens, with Gods


Hyper-advanced Robots, Quicksilvers, African Princes... and the list goes on.

All of this has culminated in his recent battle with the Mad Titan Thanos which... didn't end too well for the Captain.

However, his best foil is probably Bucky Barnes


Or better known as The Winter Soldier.

These two make a great pair, not because of how evenly matched they are, but because of their past.

You see, Bucky used too be one of Captain America's best friends.


Until the plucky young Sargeant Barnes fell from a train, was captured by the evil organization HYDRA and turned into the ruthless assassin The Winter Soldier.

Since then, their relationship has been... rocky.


Steve Rogers (Captain America) has tried to save Bucky, they've battled a lot, Steve essentially broke up the Avengers in order to save this guy, etc, etc.

The point is they have a lot of history.


Almost 100 years worth of history, if we're being precise. Considering they're both from World War 2. Two men out of time.

Enter Chris Evans, the man who plays Captain America.

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He sure has been through a lot too. Counting cameos, Cap has appeared in 11 Marvel movies, during which Chris has to do some pretty demanding stunts.

It's no wonder that he wants out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)

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While he probably won't make anything official until people have seen Avengers: Endgame, this tweet kind of confirms his stint as Captain America is over.

However, there was one more moment of weirdness he had to endure.

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So here's the scene: the Avengers are on a press tour for the new movie.

Chris Evans is asked in front of a stadium of people in Shanghai: "If Steve Rogers had the time stone, what would he do with it?"

A pretty innocent question.

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And Evans gives a pretty decent answer. He says "If I had the Time Stone, I think Steve Rogers would be interested in pursuing a relationship with Peggy Carter."

Peggy Carter, of course, being Captain America's long lost love.


And also the subject of Marvel's Agent Carter.

Cap missed out on a relationship with her due to all the time he was frozen in ice.

However, while fans kind've enjoyed that idea, another was brought up.

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At one point during Evans' answer, director Anthony Russo repeated something from the crowd.

He said "Somebody just shouted, 'What about Bucky?'"

And boom, the room erupts.


First, a roar fills the room like water rushing through a suddenly opened door.

People start chanting "Bucky... Bucky... Bucky". The place is going nuts.

Chris Evans tries to answer these crazy fans.

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"Hey, hey, hey, Bucky is my boy. I got a lot of love for Bucky," Evans said in response, which earned him a chorus of cheers.

"But you know... something about Steve Rogers,"

He tried to continue, but was drowned out by cheers of "Bucky".

What do you think?

Do you think these two belong together, like Mariah Carey and that person she was singing about?

Or do you think this is just another case of fans being weirdos?