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The Russo Brothers Revealed The One Cast Member They Let Read The 'Endgame' Script

Next week, Avengers: Endgame will finally give up its secrets and tell us who lives and who dies in the MCU.

Marvel has been especially secretive about this film.

According to the Russo bros., only one actor has read the entire script.

The Snap Heard Round the World

Marvel Studios

This is really all Thor's fault. Why couldn't he have gone for the head?!

After that mistake, Thanos was able to snap half of the universe out of existence.

"I Don't Want To Go"

Marvel Studios

The Avengers and their allies were among the victims of 'the Decimation."

Even Spider-Man faded away into dust, leaving moviegoers with one hell of a cliffhanger.

That's why Endgame is so highly anticipated. We want to see the resolution!

This is the Endgame

Marvel Studios

Directors Anthony and Joe Russo have worked hard to keep their secrets.

That's why most of the cast has been left in the dark...

Except for one cast member in particular.

Mr. Marvel

Marvel Studios

While speaking with {Rotten Tomatoes](, the Russo bros. said that Robert Downey, Jr. was the only actor who got the whole script.

Although they allowed Chris Evans to see most of it as well.

Original Model

Marvel Studios

The Russos' absolute trust in Downey makes sense. Without him, there would be no MCU.

Downey's Iron Man film paved the way for every Marvel Studios movie that followed.

He's been a fixture of the MCU since 2008.

Top Billing

Marvel Studios

There's a reason Downey gets top billing in the Avengers movies. He's truly the leader of that cast.

Downey also has a vested interest in making sure these films are successful.

Thanks to a backend deal, it's rumored he made $50 Mil for the first film alone!

Loose Lips

Marvel Studios

Some stars just can't help themselves when it comes to spoilers.

Spider-Man actor Tom Holland is infamous for accidental leaks.

That's why he only gets to read his scenes in the script.

The Strongest [Spoiler] There Is!

Marvel Studios

Then there's this guy...Mark Ruffalo.

Even among his fellow cast members, Ruffalo has a reputation for blurting out secrets at inopportune times.

There was one time where he even live-streamed Thor: Ragnarok and didn't even realize it!

That Time Marc Ruffalo Spoiled "Infinity War"

Nearly a year before Infinity War came out, Marc Ruffalo spoiled the ending on national television!

Fortunately, everyone thought it was a joke at the time.

But watch Don Cheadle's reaction at the 2:00 mark. It's a classic.

Multiple Endings

Marvel Studios

Ruffalo recently told E! News that he shot multiple endings for Infinity War.

In at least one of the endings, Bruce Banner/Hulk was one of the deceased.

Perhaps Ruffalo was the reason they had to shoot multiple outcomes!

Living With Secrets

Marvel Studios

Fortunately, the Russos understand that their actors are only human.

It's difficult to live in fear about actually spoiling a major plot point.

Scarlett Johansson recently joked that she has PTSD from the press tour.

At least we hope it's a joke!

The Burden of Secrets

Marvel Studios

Anthony Russo told Rotten Tomatoes why they withheld the script.

"Part of our motivation to do that is it just takes a lot of pressure off of people because it is hard to constantly censor yourself..."

"These movies are your whole life. It's everything you're doing all day long."

Taking the Pressure off

Marvel Studios

Russo also admitted that "the inclination is to talk about [the films]."

"So, we take a lot of pressure off of people by just saying: 'OK, the less you know, the less you have to mind yourself,'" said Russo.

The Man With All of the Secrets

Downey hasn't been shy about teasing Endgame's finale while maintaining its secrets.

He told The Upcoming that “the last eight minutes of that movie are maybe the best eight minutes of the entire history of the [MCU]."

Downey added that it was "because everyone’s involved...So I was delighted.”

Get Ready

All of the secrets are coming out in under a week.

Avengers: Endgame will open in theaters on April 26th.