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April's 'Pink Moon' Will Shine Down Tonight On This Good Friday

Amy Pilkington 18 Apr 2019

We seem to be having an astronomy renaissance lately, and I for one am here for it.

2019 has already had three supermoon events, and while normally I'd expect people to just go "Huh. The moon is super big tonight. That's cool," and then go back to their business, people seem to actually care these days.

Maybe it's the recent total eclipse that reminded us all that space is damn cool.

I developed a childhood obsession with astronomy because of a certain Sailor Soldier.


Is that a shallow reason? Maybe, but I did end up reading every astronomy book in the school library and have continued to follow spacey news since then.

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The next lunar event may not be as impressive as a Super Blood Wolf Moon, but it's still kind of neat.


April 19, 2019, will be the "Pink Moon." Since it falls on Good Friday, it feels a little bit extra special this year.

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Okay, fine, the moon won't actually be pink.


It's just a name for the full moon that occurs in the month of April. Yes, that's it.

According to The Old Farmer's Almanac, the name comes from the days when people used the lunar calendar to track the seasons.

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It's named after the pink blossoms of the ground phlox, which blooms in early spring.


(No, there's no phlox in Sailor Moon. If there was, you can be sure, I'd have taken the opportunity for another gif.)

It's one of the many names Native American tribes had for the first full moon of spring.

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Even if it'll be the same old silvery orb, the pink moon will be a bit larger than usual.


It's falling three days too late to be officially labeled a supermoon, but it'll still look bigger than average.

Plus, there's just something a little special about it falling on the Easter weekend, right?

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