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Meghan Markle Used A 'Hollywood Trick' During Her Pregnancy And It's Pretty Smart

There are still some secrets left in Hollywood, and we just found out about one of them.

Since Meghan Markle started her professional career there before becoming a member of the royal family, it makes sense that she brought along a few tricks from her time as a TV star.

Here's what everyone has been claiming she's been doing — and criticizing her for, too.

From Hollywood to London

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Meghan Markle became a Duchess when she married Prince Harry in 2017.

Since then, the media has been obsessed with the royal couple's every move, from their engagement, to their wedding, and beyond.

The two announced that they were expecting a child in 2018

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And everyone went nuts.

Much like her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, Meghan has been the focus of intense scrutiny.

Apparently, that also includes the way that she carries herself as a pregnant woman.

The Hollywood Trick

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According to journalist Ashley Pearson in the documentary, Meghan and Harry: A Royal Baby Story, the Duchess' habit of framing her baby bump with her hands is a Hollywood trick.

"It is something that women do in Hollywood. They cup their belly."

Apparently, it's to bring attention to the baby

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Pearson said, "She cups it from top and bottom as if to say ‘it’s really here folks’ - this is a royal baby."

Anyone else slightly baffled that we're analyzing how she places her hands? Yes? Same.

Pearson had one other observation to make

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"Whether it is a protective instinct she is doing, or whether it is a way to make sure everyone gets a good picture.

Meghan is definitely way into the belly cup."

There was even more to say about it

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Juliet Angus had more to add in the documentary:

"They’re cooking royal babies here. So they want everyone to know that."

Because we all don't have eyes, and can't see her bump for ourselves, I guess.

Unbelievably, this has actually upset people

One peek into the #MeghanMarkle hashtag on Twitter is enough to cause a rage blackout.

Some people actually think all of this is staged, and the reason she's touching her stomach is to cover that up.


Like, a lot of people

Seriously, who cares if she's holding her belly?

Not only do I not believe this is a "Hollywood trick," I also don't believe she's doing this for attention.

Pregnant women touch their bellies. That's just human instinct.

So much of it makes no sense

How does someone sit down at their computer and compose a tweet that is meant to be a note from the Duchess' future child?

This is all just so friggin' weird, you guys.

Even journalists have weighed in

The Editor of You Magazine, Jo Elvin, had this to say:

"Meghan’s positioning is always so fixed into one singular, rigid pose that it’s becoming uncomfortable to watch.

I’m getting arm aches just looking. It’s all very Baby Bump Barbie."

Not your body, Jo. Pipe down.

And some commenters are just...insane

"Personally, I find the cradling a bit like those signs in the back of cars: Baby on Board.

Virtue signaling, as though the rest of us barren harridans deserve to burn alive in our cars." Writes Daily Mail columnist Liz Jones.

Your honor, she probably hurt herself with that reach.

Luckily, some people have sense

The constant policing of Meghan's body from men (and women) is indicative of their outlook on women in media.

At the end of the day, no one owns Meghan's body. It's insane to criticize a woman for how she chooses to hold her body.

Hobbies sound great

Honestly, this tweet says it all.

If columnists like Liz Jones dedicate that much time to coming up with ways to hate Meghan Markle, they might need a vacation.

Maybe taken up arts and crafts, or something?

Kareem gets it

Much of the backlash against Meghan makes no sense, and that in itself is telling.

Kareem hits the nail on the head: her criticisms are far harsher than Kate's, and there's only one difference between them.

Guess what it is?

So here's to Meghan getting the last laugh

After finding multiple articles detailing the vast amounts of bullying the Duchess has endured, it warms me greatly to announce:

The Duchess and Prince Harry have chosen not to share the birth of their child with the media.

You go, girl.