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Twitter Has A Lot Of Thoughts About Kim And Kanye's Bizarre Sink

In a recent interview with Vogue, Kim Kardashian revealed not only that she's trying to become a lawyer, but the inside of her minimalist-style mansion as well.

And while it was absolutely riveting to get a tour of Kim and Kanye's house, we couldn't help but notice something weird about her sinks.

First of all, for being as rich as she is, Kim's house is surprisingly empty.

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It sorta looks like a staged open-house. No sign of personal belongings anywhere.

Where do they keep all their stuff? Seriously?

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It basically looks like an art museum. But more immaculate.

It was spacious, clean, white — not a single thing out of place.

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With three kids, their house oughtta look like a pig sty. But instead, it looks like no one even lives there.

Kim described their house as a "minimal monastery."

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And she said her pet peeve is, "disorganized closets." Um... we're not really sure what a minimal monastery is, but there's definitely not a disorganized closet in sight.

Kanye seemed to be in a great mood.

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I saw this man smile more during this interview, than I have in my entire life.

It's great to see him cheesing again.

This was after Kim shooed him away from the camera, of course.

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Kanye was ready to do the whole interview himself before Kim interrupted him to say Vogue was there for her. Classic Ye!

His interview highlight? When asked what the best part about being a dad was, he replied "the kids."

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WHAT a wordsmith!

Anyways, fans noticed something very bizarre about Kim and Kanye's sink.

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And once it was pointed out, we couldn't stop staring.

In fact, many of us lost sleep trying to figure out how the hell this sink works.

See there's no like, *sink* part of the sink. It's just a faucet.

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Do they just turn on the faucet and let the water pour onto a slab of granite and then onto the floor?

Fans took to Twitter to express their utter confusion.

Do Kim and Kanye just turn on the tap and let water flood their bathroom?

Some people thought the wonderment over Kim's sink was extreme and that we all need to find better things to do with our time.

They think that some things about Kim are just better left unknown.

Maybe it's just a poor person thing but when I think of kitchen sink this is what I think:

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This person is asking, someone, anyone, to explain how Kim and Kanye's bathroom sinks work.

Twitter | @djcoochnbooch

There has to be a logical explanation here that we're all missing.

Another fan shared this hilarious video and tweeted at Kim, asking her to show us how her sink works.

It was apparently causing her to lose sleep, like many of us.

This fan suggested that Kim show us how her sink works via Instagram live.

They also suggested that if she's too busy for that, studying to become a lawyer, maybe Saint could show us.

This fan wrote that they have been tossing and turning over this for days.

This is probably the most mundane thing that the public has ever been so fixated on. I'm in shock.

So, finally, Kim answered our prayers and gave us an Instagram tutorial of how her sink actually works.

She tweeted to let all of her fans know that her sink tutorial was available to watch on her Instagram story for the following 24 hours.

We missed one key detail about her sink.

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Little did we know, there was a tiny slit in the counter where the water pools into and drains.

Mind? Blown. Wig? Gone. Prayers? Answered.

I want to be this sink when I grow up.

Fans were calling this the highlight of their day.

This person said that watching this tutorial meant that her Wednesday night had officially peaked.

This fan joked that Kim had shown us "peasants" how to work her rich person sink.

If this wasn't motivation to become as rich as Kim Kardashian, then I don't know what is.

This is goals.

Not everyone's a fan of the rich way of life, though.

What's wrong with a good old fashioned normal sink like us common people have? Not everything's better when it's expensive!

So there it is! The mystery of the sink finally solved.

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We can all let out a collective sigh of relief!

And maybe take some inspiration for our own interior design...