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Kardashian Bestie Larsa Pippen Shuts Down Rumors Of Flirting With Kris Humphries

If you know the Kardashians, you know who runs around their close circle of celebrity friends. We have, of course, Jonathan Cheban. We have Chrissy Teigen. We have had Jordyn Woods.

And last but certainly not least, we have Larsa Pippen.

Larsa is a true OG Kardashian friend, dating all the way back to approx. 2012.

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Here she is chilling at Paris Hilton's birthday eleganza. In Los Angeles, seven years of friendship might as well be a lifetime.

Larsa isn't just besties with Kim, though. Her and Kourtney are just as close!

They love to take hot pics together, and honestly, I love that for them!

So when Perez Hilton reported that Larsa Pippen was spotted getting "friendly & playful" with Kim's ex husband Kris Humphries at Coachella this past weekend, people started flipping out.

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And yes, we're talking about 71 day marriage Kris Humphries.

Now, Perez tried to equate this with the Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson scandal which is just PETTY, tbh.

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"Do we have another Jordyn Woods situation on our hands???" he wrote.

However, Larsa was quick to shut the rumors down on Perez's Instagram page.

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"The convo lasted all of 3 min," she wrote in response.

"He told me he’s known Scottie since he was 14 and that he loves him and I said so do I."

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Scottie Pippen is Larsa's ex-husband and former pro-basketball player. The pair have four children together.

So there ya have it! It seems like Larsa wasn't being shady after all — thank GAWD.

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Still, fans are asking if Larsa's behavior broke girl code.

You know what I'm asking, though? How did RANDO ex-professional basketball player Kris Humphres find himself in VIP at Coachella?

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SMH, some things we may never have the answer to.