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Watch: Kit Harington Gags After Kissing Emilia Clarke While Filming 'Game Of Thrones'

Who doesn't want to kiss our favorite Game Of Thrones characters?

Whether it be the queen Cersei or her dreamy brother, I'd bet no one would deny a smooch from these world-famous people.

One of the most attractive characters on the show is Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons played by Emilia Clarke.


This potential Queen of Westeros' look is iconic– beautiful white hair, a powerful demeanor, steely blue eyes. She's striking, to say the least!

And then there's Jon Snow played by Kit Harrington.


This illegitimate son of Lyanna Stark (spoilers?) is just as good looking.

He's got a rugged, manly air to him is complete by that jet black hair and perfectly quaffed beard.

Both have come a long way since season 1.

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I mean, look at Jon.

He was nothing but a fresh-faced young boy, being shunned by his mother and having a strong desire to join the Night's watch.

And jeez, take a gander at Daenerys.


She looks so young, so innocent. Unaware of the pain she's about to experience. Unsure of her fate in the world.

And now, they've made it to the final season. Season 8.


Through many surprising deaths, both welcome and unwelcome, these two characters have made it all the way through.

Also, (spoilers!) the two characters have gotten together!

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Yes, ever since they met in season 7, Jon and Daenerys have developed a little relationship together!

It's a match made in heaven!

Until you realize that they're related.



Turns out that Jon is actually the son of Rhaegar Targaryen, who is Daenerys' brother, so that makes them aunt and nephew.

Not so heavenly then.

But we're not here to talk about that... as weird as it is.

We're here to talk about one scene in particular, where the two lovers kiss in front of an icy waterfall.

It's a beautiful scene that required an impressive combination of on-location shooting and CGI.

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They went to Iceland for the icy exterior but had to add the waterfall in post-production!

So the two of them share some kind words, and then they kiss.


It's a simultaneously nice and weird scene, considering their relationship and the way that the Dragons stare at Jon.

But it's what happened after the scene that's hilarious.

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After the cameras cut, Kit Harrington gagged! After kissing the Mother of Dragons! How could he?

Don't worry, it was only a joke.

The two are actually great friends in real life. In fact, you can hear Emilia laughing in the background after Kit pulls his little stunt.

We can only hope that they're not secretly related.


Thank god real life isn't like Game Of Thrones.

We wouldn't mind the dragons, magic and cool creatures, but the aunts and nephews kissing we could do without.

Wow, if only we could be on _The Game Of Thrones_ set, am I right?


I wanna be friends with that cast! I wanna make jokes after I kiss them! Then again, I don't think I would...