Unsplash | Jonas Weckschmied

This Designer Makes Stunning Homes That Help The Environment

Unique architecture can be found all over the world. But when you marry beautiful design with eco-friendly features, that's even better.

Javier Senosiain is a renowned Mexican architect who takes "organic architecture" to the next level. Check out some of his amazing works.

1. The Shark

Arquitectura Organica

This shark-like house was built on an elevated part that overlooks the National Park of Los Remedios. The lower part has a semi-covered terrace. How imaginative.

2. The Whale

Arquitectura Organica

The overall goal of this structure was to create a natural space for the tenants in line with their cultural roots and their unique traditions.

3. The Kiss

Arquitectura Organica

The is a unique guardhouse that comes from an analogy of a medieval helmet with a feather that resembles a spear as its protective design form.

4. Sarape And Sombrero

Arquitectura Organica

This interesting design is a chapel that's open to the public in order for people to visit the remains of a Mexican composer José Alfredo Jiménez.

5. Flower House

Arquitectura Organica

This house was built to resemble a six-petal flower. Its corolla is formed by a star of glazed tiles and there's a jacuzzi in the center.

6. The Organic House

Arquitectura Organica

The idea for this house came about from the early humans who lived in igloos and caves. It serves to preserve and nurture its natural environment.

7. The Tree House

Arquitectura Organica

The best and most impressive feature of this eco-house is an awesome Peppertree that's been incorporated into the living room of its interior. Wow.

8. The Nautilus

Arquitectura Organica

The stairway is a fluid three-dimensional space in which the continual dynamic of the fourth dimension is perceived. You get a sensation of floating above the vegetation.

9. Quetzalcoatl Nest

Arquitectura Organica

This incredibly unique structure has been designed to look like a serpent. A child's floatation device was used to simulate the wrapping of the apartments.

10. Naucalpan

Here's another unique structure that looks to me like it would fit right in a Tim Burton movie. Wow, this is so fun and interesting.

11. Conjunto Satélite

And how amazing is this? It looks like a little village that would be a perfect location for some kind of a magical fairytale movie.

12. Casa Amiba

Imagine living in a space like this? If I lived here I don't think I would even need a vacation. Like ever! Who would leave this place?

I've never seen architecture quite like this.

And it's truly amazing that this architect's mission is to preserve the surrounding landscape and incorporate it flawlessly into his incredible designs.