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Mint-Lovers Will Want To Break Off A Piece Of This New Kit Kat Flavor

I'm not a huge sweets person. Usually, I will choose a bag of salty snacks over candy. Mostly, it's because I find a lot of sweet treats tend to focus just on the sugary element and not on balancing it with anything else.

This is probably why I've always preferred chocolate bars like Kit Kats over a basic Hershey's bar.

The crisp wafers in the middle add a nice texture contrast and there's simply less sweet chocolate per bite.

Though I do find that the thinner layer of chocolate tends to melt faster than some other bars.

But even if the classic Kit Kat is, well, classic, it's sometimes a little bit boring.

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Which would be okay if we weren't constantly being reminded of how versatile the Kit Kat can be. Like, there are a ridiculous amount of Japanese Kit Kat flavors.

I require the one that appears to be cheesecake flavored. It needs to be in my belly right now.

We have started to see a few new flavors cropping up.

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I really want to try this one that uses ruby cocoa beans.

But I feel like there hasn't been a real showstopper yet.

Until I saw this leaked flavor from @Markie_devo on Instagram.

Instagram | @markie_devo

It's called Kit Kat Duos and features a dark chocolate base with a mint créme top layer, all around the classic wafers.

Om. Nom.

Sadly, we're going to have to wait a bit to try it.

Right now, there's no official release date, though Markie_devo says in his post that they're planned for this coming December.

Which sort of makes sense. Mint is a very holiday flavor.