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These Chocolate Stuffed Marshmallows Fulfill Your S’mores Related Dreams

Have you ever successfully eaten a s'more without crumbling the graham crackers into a giant mess in your hands? I haven't either.

S'mores are delicious, but super high maintenance. I find myself passing on them more often then I'd like simply because when you're out in the woods, they aren't the most practical snack.

Both the marshmallow and chocolate have to be melted perfectly, or the s'more won't hold.

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Hamburger buns bend to your hand shape, which is why over-stuffing a burger is perfectly fine.

However, if you leave the piece of chocolate in the s'more unmelted, it's simultaneously too much chocolate but not enough support for the edges of the crackers. This is science.

Who wants to separately melt a piece of chocolate over the fire? Literally no one.

I present to you, a solution to an age old problem.

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These are Stuffed Puffs: Marshmallows stuffed with chocolate.

When you melt one of these bad boys over a campfire, you better believe that the gooey, chocolaty insides melt with it.

This lovely invention is truly a game-changer.

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No more putting up with broken s'mores. No more having to buy separate chocolate bars and then discovering they've been eaten by your roommate before you got a chance to leave on your epic camping adventure. No more mediocrity.

Starting April 28th, Stuffed Puffs will be available at Walmart!

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Easily accessible for all our Stuffed Puff needs.

As the Stuffed Puffs Instagram page says: "There’s so much s’more to love with Stuffed Puffs."

Just look at that divine dessert creation.

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Eat em' raw, eat em' toasted, eat em' alone in your dark bedroom while you cry over your ex-boyfriend and ask your Amazon Alexa to play Stairway to Heaven. So many options!