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Everyone Thought Sandra Oh's Knees Were Her Massive Boobs And The Internet Can't Handle It

You KNOW Sandra Oh. You ADMIRE Sandra Oh. You LOVE Sandra Oh. And how do I know all this?

I know this because that's how any normal person feels about this sassy, iconic and insanely talented legend.

And, she's Canadian so you know she's like really really nice.

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We stand on guard for THEEEEEEE, Sandy!

Sandra Oh has crushed it on not just one but two amazing shows.

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The first one, Greys Anatomy, has been on for a record-breaking 700 seasons.

Her other show, "Killing Eve" is only in its second season but is fully kicking ass!

The drama series already has a cult following — and we love that for her.

Fans are totally gagged over Sandra Oh and her co-star Jodie Comer's on-screen chemistry — it's *totally* magnetic!

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And Jodie's gorgeous eyebrows, tbh.

Sandra also has a lot of super cool and fun Hollywood friends, like Sarah Silverman.

Sarah made the world take a damn minute for this smexy bathroom shot of Sandra.

See, it looks like she got some big ol' titties but really, it's her knees!

"Genuinely thought omg @iamsandraohinsta has giant tits and then she stopped looking at her hands and I saw it was her knees," Sarah wrote.

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I MEAN, who could blame her????

Sarah wasn't the only one to notice. In fact, MILLIONS OF PEOPLE DID.

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Kate Beckinsale's "big natural knees" is my personal favorite,

Apparently, Sandra is known for her bath work.


You don't get through that many seasons without a lot of bathtub work!

It's just showbiz, baby!

Any human that can rock a bathtub scene is a winner in my books.

Me in the bathtub looks very sweaty and my knee caps look like little fetuses.

No one would be mistaking those things for a rockin' rack.


I hope the masses talk about my knees this much one day!