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Fans Think Khloé Photoshopped This Delivery Room Pic Of Her And Baby True

Khloé Kardashian welcomed sweet baby True into the world one year ago. Of course, we can (and will) never forget the drama surrounding KoKo's birth story, but I am not here to discuss True's trash bag waste of a man father. No, no.

I'm here to discuss something much more important. Something much more peculiar.

As we've previously ESTABLISHED, Baby True has completed her first trip around the sun!

And what an adorable trip it was!

Mama bear Khloé has kept fans in the loop and has shared so many cute pics of True on her Insta.

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Sunglasses with your name on them? Iconic.

But, it's no secret KoKo loves a lil' Facetune here and there.

Remember when Khloé posted this picture of her and True and fans dragged her for editing the pic and smoothing out EVERYTHING?

And for a while, KoKo only posted pictures of True with a Snapchat filter.

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It was later revealed that filter-filled pics of baby True was a conscious decision, made for privacy purposes.

Now, in honour of True's first birthday, Khloé posted this super sweet pic of herself in the delivery room.

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KoKo out here serving delivery room realness.

However, fans were quick to notice something was a little off about the pic.

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If you look closely, you can see the lighting on Khloé's face is a bit off in comparrison to the rest of her body, and her neck has visibly been smoothed out.

In addition, if you zoom in even closer to the blue remote by her head, you can see that the edges have been blurred and don't connect.

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All of these things are tell-tale signs of an edit.

But I mean, can you really blame her?

From what I hear, labour is HELL and not very glamorous at all.

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So maybe KoKo just wanted to spruce up her delivery room pic a bit!

Still, she shouldn't feel like she has to! Khloé is beautiful and so is her tiny baby girl!

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They're totally mother/daughter goals, and I can't wait to see more pics of True as she continues her second trip around the sun!

This isn't new for KoKo - she's been accused of photoshopping her pics a few times before!

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Classic Kardashian, tho. The whole family is kind of notorious for giving their pics a little extra something.

Remember when she had 14 fingers?

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Girl's so busy texting she needs some extra help! Okay, MAYBE she was trying to combine two pics she liked the best, but still.

Orrr when her reflection looked... a little bit different from her body?

Instagram | @khloekardashian

No shade here - I know I've tried to get away with a suspiciously slimming photo or two, and those reflections can be tricky.

When Khloé posted this pic recently, her comments were flooded.

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Fans could not stop commenting on this pic and how different they thought she looked. Obviously there were a million comments talking about how gorgeous she is too.

Some fans are so over it, though.


Like this Instagram commenter who thinks Khloé's missing beauty mark is the key to getting to the bottom of this photoshop mystery.

One fan asked if Khloé would even use Instagram if she couldn't edit her pics.

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Which is kind of rude, tbh. Everyone uses filters on their pics so it's not really a fair question.

Khloé pointed that out too.

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Khloé has never been the type of girl to keep her mouth shut when something's bothering her, and lately, this kind of behavior must have been bothering her.

KoKo is done with the haters and is finally speaking out.


Yaass, Khloé! Queen of keeping things positive!

And, hey! At least she was only (allegedly) photoshopping herself and not baby True.

Remember all the drama when Kim was accused of touching up baby North?!

Instagram | @kimkardashian

Sooo cute — but do her eyebrows look suspiciously perfect to you? They definitely did to some fans, who DRAGGED Kim in the comments for editing her baby.

Kim was in trouble even more recently when fans thought she edited this family shot to make everyone more slim.

It's a paparazzi shot, so who knows where Kim actually got it or who might've edited it first, but it definitely looks different than the original.

Check out this gif comparison of the two pics.

Instagram | @fakegirlsfvckya

Kim hasn't commented about this accusation, so the real tea remains un-served. I'm totally sure she lives for the drama of it all. Same, girl!

While photoshop drama is part of the Kardashian brand, KoKo is leaving True out of it.

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And, duh, True doesn't need it. Look at how cute she is!

Her Instagram is FULL of adorable pics of baby True.

Instagram | @khloekardashian

And none of them have any overly-smoothed, weirdly-blurred lines, or extra fingers, so I think it's safe to say they're not touched up.

And if Khloé wants to edit her own photos, it's her life!

Instagram | @khloekardashian

I'm sure KoKo loves herself as much as little True does here, whether she wants to touch up some of her pictures or not.

And, honestly, photoshop or not...

Instagram | @khloekardashian

Khloé is a bombshell mama and looked GORG celebrating her daughter's first birthday! Aside from haters in her Insta comments, KoKo received a ton of birthday wishes for True.

Stars like Paris Hilton and Khadijah Haqq left their well wishes.


Khloé even revealed that True might call Khadijah "Auntie D" when she gets older. How cute is that?

La La Anthony, Ashley Graham, and Vanessa Bryant were among the other celebrity well wishers in her comments.


Who knew the secret to so many famous people wishing you a happy birthday was just to have a famous mom? I feel like MY mom totally dropped the ball there.

So happy birthday True!

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Hopefully your mom won't overshadow you on EVERY birthday. Or any of your other kajillion famous family members.