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Ashley Graham Shared Her Sports Bra Fail On Instagram And It's Relatable AF

Ashley Graham is a goddess.

Okay, now that we've gotten that #fact out of the way, let's get to it. Ashley was working out with her trainer, Kira Stokes, when she had to deal with the most relatable sports bra struggle.

People with large chests — you know what kind of pain that is. Here's what happened.

Ashley is a plus size model

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And is one of the most famous models in the world.

She's funny, witty, and proud of every curve that she has. She was the first-ever plus-size model to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

She also has a few fashion collabs under her belt

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She's a big believer in accessible clothing for everyone.

She has collections with brands like Addition Elle (a Canadian lingerie retailer) and swimsuitsforall, which provides swimwear for everyone of all sizes.

So it's safe to say that she knows her fashion

Instagram | @ashleygraham

Backwards and forwards.

This is key, because what's about to happen to her is what people everywhere with big boobs try to avoid like the frickin' plague.

She took one for the team, guys.

Ashley was working out and put some of it on her Insta story

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She doesn't often post about working out on her Instagram, but when she does, she makes it count.

She works out for her health, not to attain any kind of body shape.

She was with her trainer, Kira Stokes

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(They're clearly good buds.)

On her Instagram story, Ashley had Kira hold her phone while she showed off some of her moves.

She was doing some hardcore ab workouts, just doing her thing, when she decided to shake things up.

And shake they did.

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She added a jump rope into the mix.

I'm already in pain, guys.

She started jumping, and then quickly realized that the bra she had on was not the tea. Her trainer did, too.

She said that she had messed up

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"I have the wrong bra on today. Jumping rope, my breasts are hitting me in the face."

In case you don't know what that feels like, imagine strapping bags full of sand to your chest, and then jumping.

Not a great feeling.

She knew she would be in pain later

She kept talking while jumping: "They hurt, they're going to be more sore than my abs."

The muscles and tendons in her chest were not made for that. Practice safe jumping, y'all.

Her trainer tried to sympathize...

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"Here's the thing as a trainer that doesn't really have to be concerned about that, I'm seeing it and I'm understanding how much —"

She stopped when she saw how crazy red Ashley's chest was.

"Oh my god."

Kira was speechless at seeing the strain Ashley's chest was already under.

Jumping without proper support can seriously damage breast tissue. It can cause strain in your breast ligaments, and cause stretch marks, too.

Bouncing like that is just bad for you


And they'll hand you over to the mercy of gravity before mother nature does.

As anyone with breasts hits their 30s, they'll find their breasts can begin to stretch up to 15cm into old age.

No thank you!

Ashley had a few words of advice

"Wear the right bra, ladies! This is not cute."

But what are the right bras? For many, bra size is already a complicated issue. Finding a more specialized one can just be a straight-up nightmare.

She has a few favorites

She included some recommendations in her story that she's actually talked about before.

First up is Enell Sports Bras. Their sizes go to a 52GG and start at 32C, so there's something for (almost) everyone.

She shouted out another brand, too

The next recommendation of hers was Knix.

They also go up to a G, though they don't carry GG. They have a wide variety of styles, and they carry underwear and tops, too!

So practice safe exercising

Harness those things in and make sure that you're good to go before you start doing jump ropes. Or jumping jacks.

Really, just be safe before you pull an Ashley and have to stop your workout to tell Instagram about your boobs.