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People Have A Lot Of Thoughts On Kylie Jenner's Super Tiny Purse

As many of you may already know, the theme on social media last weekend was Coachella.

If you don't know what Coachella is, don't Google it, I'll save you the trouble: It's basically the influencer watering hole.

Coachella is one of the world's most popular music festivals — but if we're being honest, that's just sort of a secondary feature.

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The main reason anyone goes to Coachella is to flex their style muscles, take photos for the gram so the rest of the world knows they were there, and surround themselves with celebrities.

The live music performances are just an added bonus.

For celebrities, it's a full-on fashion show.

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They're all competing for who can dress the most bohemian-Woodstock-chic — who can look the most stylish and intentionally care-free at the same time.

Like a hippie but more expensive?

But, leave it to the world's "youngest self-made" billionaire to throw the boho-chic Coachella tradition right into her gold-plated trash chute.

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Kylie Jenner is the glam queen — it doesn't matter that this is an outdoor festival where people often survive off of dry-shampoo and hotdogs for days.

Fans already knew what was to be expected.

She doesn't go anywhere without serving us looks. If Kylie shows up anywhere, you can expect her to slay no matter what.

In typical Kylie fashion, she showed up in a sequined covered dress with matching gloves

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Looking like she's headed to a gala held at the Ritz or something.

But there was one particular aspect of her outfit that was confusing the hell out of all of us.

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Her wallet-sized purse?

I'm not even sure if this can be qualified as a purse.

A coin-purse, maybe? But we know damn well that Kylie Jenner most likely hasn't seen an American coin in her entire life, so?

I mean, Kylie looked fabulous as always. But her miniature purse was really stealing the show.

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Even she knew the bag was going to be a hit — she posted it in her Instagram story, captioned: "mini bags & rhinestones".

The scary thing is, that purse — even though it's barely big enough to hold a tube of lipstick — was probably worth more than a year's tuition.

And that's just one of her purses.

This also wasn't the first time she sported a children's-sized purse before.

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Here she is, again, holding what is basically a wallet with a handle.

Remember last summer when she gave us a tour of her purse closet?

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Yes. She has an entire closet just for her purses. Are you surprised?

This closet alone could probably end poverty once and for all.

She's even got little Stormi's purse collection started.

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The apple never falls far from the tree, amirite?

I would love to trade lives with this baby.

Anyway, some fans were genuinely confused by her outfit and more importantly, her tiny purse.

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This fan tweeted, just out of curiosity, asking what on earth does Kylie keep in that microscopic purse of hers.

A valid question. We're all thinking it.

Some fans were actually irritated by how small Kylie's purse was.

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This fan tweeted wanting to know what she carries in her purse, considering even her cell phone, or any standard set of keys are bigger than it.

Other fans were just not into her outfit in general.

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To be fair, everyone's taste is different.

While many of us think that Kylie showed up looking glamorous af, making everyone else's Coachella outfit look like a potato-sack, some have a different opinion.

All I know is that I will be losing sleep over not knowing what the hell Kylie Jenner keeps in her tiny purse.

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It is the least practical piece of fashion I have ever seen, and I will not rest until I know its true purpose.