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17+ Skin-Crawling Surprises That People Just Happened To Find

There's something to be said for having a curious mind and an adventurous spirit. Not only are these the exact qualities that lead people to discover great things, but they're also the recipe to some fun and satisfying memories of seeing what the world has to offer.

Unfortunately, what the world has to offer isn't always pleasant and that adventurous spirit also makes it a lot more likely for somebody to find that out the hard way.

But whether people are ready for them or not, these things are still waiting to be discovered.

Nothing spoils a walk in the forest like a broken clown doll, but this unlucky find manages to up that ante.

Reddit | MrDrTerrible

Yeah, no matter how many creepy clowns we see in the movies, at least they usually weren't naked. I don't want to know what was going through someone's head here.

This person lives in the country and has no neighbors, so the loud sounds that preceded this discovery definitely came as a surprise.

Reddit | Rustafo

It's unlikely that they got any more comfortable once they realized that not only do they not know who or what made them, but also that it was strong enough to dent their door.

Although this is how we normally want to see mosquitoes, there's no time when we want to see so many of them.

Reddit | LoveHammerMan

Apparently, this person was able to get this collection together after only one night of using insect spray. I've never been, but that's apparently North Carolina for you.

Apparently, the areas around cell phone towers are a magnet for people dumping off weird stuff like this.

Reddit | superlibster

This is likely an animatronic from an old haunted house, but it's probably doing an even better job of scaring people now that it's so run-down.

If the uploader is concerned about what this hole could've been used for, it seems like they're not alone.

Reddit | muriff

According to them, the police are now investigating this hole because something about it just screams, "red flag."

These may look like spiders, but you might notice that they're short a couple of legs.

Reddit | er1cw

According to the University of California department of Agriculture and Natural Resources, these are actually leaffooted bugs and although they're not usually much of a pest on their own, they can stop fruit trees from producing if you get enough together.

This person's new house unfortunately bears a stain from where the previous owner was found.

Reddit | OPwillownyou

It's an odd thing to hear, but in a way, the new owner is actually lucky.

If the body had been discovered much later than this, the house likely wouldn't have been fit for human habitation at all.

This odd mannequin was found in the Czech Republic, which may give a clue as to what inspired it.


Unfortunately, the possible explanation isn't exactly comforting, as this may have been based on a mythical creature called a VodnĂ­k, which is known for drowning people in lakes and stealing their souls in fairy tales.

This is obviously somebody's art project, but the location it was found makes it particularly spooky.

Reddit | holleyfieldart

The uploader said this tunnel/storm drain runs under her apartment building in Colorado Springs and these zombie images keep going for another 50 feet.

While on a pest control job, the uploader discovered this in their client's yard.

Reddit | TehChid

Not wanting to take their chances with a surprise alligator, they poked it with a metal pole and expected it to lash out.

However, they would soon discover that what you see here is the only part of the gator that still exists.

It was probably a coincidence that this tree happened to form a scary face, but it's an eerie sight nonetheless.

Reddit | shahzebelahi

Based on the way it looks, I would half expect the face in this tree to call me up and ask if I like scary movies.

Someone found this in their friend's shed while helping them move and it definitely raises more questions than it answers.

Reddit | couuch

All they knew was that it was surrounded by real barbed wire and it doesn't get any less creepy the more you look at it.

This doll face was apparently embedded in someone's driveway and they were as surprised to see it as anyone.

Reddit | LennoxI2I

Either it was left there a long time ago and a layer of earth was wiped away to reveal it, or somebody wanted to make it look like that's happening.

This may not be the most pleasant creature to encounter on a hike, but there are animals in the area we'd probably like to see even less.

Reddit | C0R3YM4N

According to the Australian Museum, this is a red triangle slug and it actually breathes out of the triangle.

Not only is it harmless enough, but it can actually help remove bathroom mold.

This quote might seem familiar to some, but they probably didn't get it from a gas pump.

Reddit | NotWithoutMyKatana

As far as anyone can tell, no company involved arranged for their pumps to share messages about the finer points of dissecting humans.

Instead, this one has likely been tampered with, which means that putting a card in there is probably a bad idea.

While the person who slept here was in Ecuador, they received a wound as a result of doing rodent research. But something was hiding in that wound all along.

Reddit | IchTanze

Yes, during that trip, it turned out they became a host to a botfly larva. And according to the Journal of Investigative Medicine, this larva breathed through the small hole it created in their skin.

However, the larva fell out of their back one night when the weather became colder.

It's not the creepiest thing we've seen today, but there's always something odd about a stairway to nowhere.

Reddit | Norbited

So much so that some commenters were worried that something terrible would befall anyone who climbs it, but they'll probably just get a better view of this scenery.

This skeleton discovered in England was thought to be the result of a human sacrifice.

Reddit | digitheart11Xx

This is not to say that we need to start panicking about death cultists, as CBS News reported the sacrifice likely took place about 3,000 years ago.

It's still a pretty ghoulish find, though.

This seems like a boring pic of a cabin, until you read the messages.

Reddit | bhad-bhunny

The Redditor's friend found it in her phone's camera roll with a late night time stamp. She didn't take it and doesn't recognize the building.

This is why so many people still believe in Bigfoot.

Reddit | MinerHead

More often than not, these discoveries are just a case of pareidolia, which is when a random pattern is interpreted by the brain as a face or other recognizable shape.

This photo slide was found in a 110-year-old basement.

Reddit | SurrealScene

While the slide is unlikely to be that old, it definitely makes the find creepier. A commenter managed to find the pic in the Getty archives. It's from the 1917 Battle of Cambrai, Flesquieres, France. Likely, the slide was used in history lectures.

This skull was found on a golf course.

Reddit | chubachus

It was inside a large clay pot alongside some "trinkets." What's crazy is that this isn't all that uncommon in Florida and these finds are often related to one of many Afro-Caribbean religions.

Yeah, you couldn't pay me to go down there.

Reddit | H23NTER

This is an entrance to a system of underwater caves underneath the town of Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Maybe these should be blocked off or something, but really, terror will keep most random people out.

This creature would probably inspire a lot of squirming, but it's actually not that uncommon.

Reddit | ichantz

This is especially true if you live up north, as according to Mentalfloss, the Lion's Mane jellyfish prefers cold temperatures.

It's also one of the world's longest animals as it can grow up to 120 feet long.

This is why it's a good idea to wash soap dispensers.

Reddit | gibblesmash

As Isabelle Faivre of Deb Group told CleanLink, the CDC recommends taking these off the wall and cleaning them every time they're refilled.

However, since many maintenance crews don't do that, mold can build around the edges of the lid and residue can start floating in the soap and building up at the bottom. Contamination can occur within a few months, but this disgusting mess likely took far longer than that to form.

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