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Ariana Grande Reuniting *NSYNC On Stage With Her Is Giving Us All The '90s Feels

Ariana Grande has made Coachella HERstory as the youngest headliner in the festival's 19 years, cause that's what our queen Ari does —she shuts ish down.

And with a plethora of special guests and a totally ahmaze-balls set list, fans knew it was gonna be fabulous.

During the first weekend of 'CHELLA, Ari gave festival goers the show of their lives on Sunday night with a total eleganza.

Sis absolutely rocked it out.

Sis absolutely rocked it out DESPITE her and Nicki having some really tough technical difficulties, lol.

Can you feel my cringe from behind the screen?

Can't believe they really did Nicki dirty like that smh.

But you know who else got on stage with Ari? OH, JUST *NSYNC!!!!!

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Yeah baby, that *NSYNC.

I mean, minus Justin Timberlake because, duh. BUT STILL!

Honestly, did we need JT? Absolutely not! And this was proven with their totally stellar performance.

Just listen to their angelic voices sing "Tearin' Up My Heart" and tell me y'all didn't cry!

Ari had been teasing her Coachella performance on her social media, posting this video a few days before the festival started.

"90's baby" she captioned her post.

She even posted this super sweet throwback clip of her and her mom from 1998 in the audience of an *NSYNC concert!


And honestly, how sweet of her.

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Ari fulfilled her '90s kid fantasy and whilst she did that for herself, girlfriend did it for us, too!

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We love our relateable queen!