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Khloé Ignoring Tristan At True's First Birthday Party Is The Best Thing You'll See Today

Khloé Kardashian has had a wild ride in her first year of motherhood to say the damn least, and the reason for this wild ride? One Tristan Trevor James Thompson.

After cheating on her at least twice, it seems Khloé has finally thrown her man away for good.

Baby True has officially turned one years old and we couldn't be more thrilled for KoKo.

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True is so adorable it physically hurts my eyes.

The Kardashian sisters sent such sweet messages to True for her bday.

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Kourt wrote, "No better name could suit you my baby True...such True love I see between you and your mommy. Happy Birthday sweet girl."


True even got Kanye to squeeze out a huge smile in Kim's Instagram post.

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Weird flex from Ye, but we'll take it.

"I couldn’t have dreamed of a better best friend for you than your cousin Chi," KKW captioned.

Khloé did a big, aesthetic Instagram photo-shoot with True to celebrate her birthday and it was the sweetest thing ever.

The dreamy set-up included lots of pink pillows and balloons and a whole lot of love!

Of course, that's not all KoKo was planning on doing for her first baby's first birthday.

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She is a Kardashian after all.

Khloé threw True this most lavish, beautiful first birthday party ever. Cotton-candy realness is in the air!

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Also, the UNICORN? Yes please.

Instead of your typical run-of-the-mill metallic balloons, Khloé obviously opted for giant monogrammed shrubbery for little True.

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I'm pretty sure all I got for my first bday was a unicorn toy and a poorly iced cake (sorry, Mom, love you).

We L I V E for a mother-daughter matching duo!

The party turned out to be a total butterfly eleganza, held at sister Kourtney's house!

And you know her bff cuz Stormi had to be in attendance for the occasion!

Really trying to figure out how I can become one of the Kardashian Kuzins so I can have this much fun too????

The party was SO nice it got a (seemingly) genuine smile from Kanye!

Now that's what I call a birthday WIN.

I have personally estimated that this party cost approx. $1.3 million dollars.

My lawyers would like to my clarify this is purely speculation and I have absolutely no idea how much KoKo spent on the party!

There also appeared to be some dry ice realness? Also 8,000 balloons.

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We love a whimsical aesthetic!

The one elephant in the room that was surprisingly ignored in the press was whether or not Tristan would be in attendance.

I don't think I need to remind you about why that might be.

Of course, Tristan was invited and was really out here pretending to be "father of the year" for the cameras.

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-insert massive eye roll here-

This was evident in this _suuuuuper_ cringey video of Khloé just fully ignoring Tristan's attempts to hold True.

Y I K E S.

What other second-hand embarrassment words can we use here?

Tristan also really tried to play father of the year on social, though.

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"True-ly Perfect. My baby girl is one today. Man time goes by soo fast but i’m loving every minute of it," Tristan wrote on his Instagram.

"Can’t wait for us to sit home all day and watch lion king and paw patrol lol."

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"#MyTwin" he concluded.

I love it and live for it, tbh. KoKo owes Tristan nothing.

Then, Khloé really did Tristan a solid and let him hold True while everyone sang happy birthday to her.

Like, I mean I guess it's nice and all that they can put their differences aside for True's special day.

Talk about good co-parenting vibes!

I really admire Khloé's ability to compartmentalize the hurt she's experienced from Tristan in order to put True and her happiness first.

Hopefully Tristan never disrespects KoKo (or any other woman tbh) like that again.

Now, leave it social media to leave some shady-ass comments and ask the petty-ass questions on behalf of ALL of us.


People also noticed how much True just wanted to stay with KoKo.

Even baby True was feeling the tension.

Everything seemed like it was going fine (?) but then KoKo threw us all for a curve ball.

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We know how sis loves a cryptic Instagram quote, and last night Khloé posted like 20 to her story. There was one that really, really stood out, though.

:O :O :O DAMN, GORL :O :O :O

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The tea is served and she is boiling, dahhhhhhling.

I mean whatever, tbh. She's allowed to be petty and emo if she wants.

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What I love is how well KoKo and True are doing without Mr. Thompson around 24/7.

Honestly, Khloé seems to be sooooo happy now, and we stan a happy Koko!

She's had so much support over the months from her family and friends.

But if Tristan thinks we're gonna forgive him for his offences, he's very wrong.

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The main offence? Posting this basic binch Toronto pic like he's a grade eight girl visiting the "6" for the first time on a year end school trip, smh.