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10+ Things About Katie Holmes Fans Didn't Know

Whether you know Katie Holmes from Dawson's Creek, Batman Begins, The Kennedys After Camelot, or just from the tabloids during her highly publicized divorce from Hollywood icon, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes is a household name.

But even so, there is still so much about her that fans don't know yet.

Here are a few things about Katie that you might've missed!

1. She still keeps in touch with her former *Dawson's Creek* castmates.

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“You know, we all still keep in touch and support each other,” she told Us Weekly.

“And luckily, we all have been able to stay busy. We had a really wonderful time. It was six years of our lives, and we were all really passionate about making it the best it could be. We really believed in ourselves.”

2. Katie has been raising her daughter, Suri, on her own.

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Five months after marrying Tom Cruise, the pair welcomed their daughter, Suri.

But not long after, Katie and Tom split up, and she decided to raise Suri on her own.

4. She revealed that she is glad her first big acting gig was *Dawson's Creek* because it taught her to be disciplined.

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“It really taught me discipline,” she told Us Weekly. “We worked long hours every day. We learned about telling a story in seven days, and keeping energy up while in character. So it was a really good foundation for being in this business and putting the work in.”

4. She dated Jamie Foxx for for six years.

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Katie and Jamie met and began dating back in 2013.

They had an extremely private relationship that many of us never even knew existed. Unfortunately, they called it quits in 2019.

5. She takes fitness very seriously.

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It is important to lead a healthy lifestyle!

"I exercise four times a week. Variety is key, or I get bored. I like Spinning, boxing, and yoga, and sometimes I'll take a dance class," she told Shape.

"I have my own Spin bike, so I can do it at home when I have to get up really early; otherwise I go to FlywheelSports," she went on.

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"I got into boxing a couple of years ago, and now I take classes at Rumble. They play great music, and it's so fun. It targets your upper body, which is good because I can forget to do that."

6. When it comes to her diet, she is less of a stickler.

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She revealed to Shape that while for the most part, she tries to eat healthy food, she doesn't obsess over it. If she is craving ice cream, she'll have it.

Instead of depriving herself of the foods that make her happy, she simply eats them in moderation.

7. She doesn't like using social media very much.

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She explained to Little Things that she tries to use Instagram as sparingly as possible because it's hard not to compare yourself to other users, even if their content is just a highlight reel of their lives.

“I don’t use [Instagram] that much and, if I do, it’s usually just work geared. You can start to look at all these strangers and think you know them and there’s no way that can encapsulate a whole person," she said.

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"You’re just seeing a version of them and you always have to keep that in mind.”

8. She once filed a lawsuit against a publication for insinuating that she was a drug-user.

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She ultimately won and reached a settlement of $50 million for defamation against the celebrity magazine, Star, that falsely suggesting that she was a drug addict.

9. Her father wanted her to be a doctor instead of an actor.

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After she scored 1310 out of a possible 1600 on her SAT, she attended Notre Dame Academy where she maintained a 4.0 grade average.

She was subsequently accepted into Columbia University. At that point, her father urged her to go into medicine.

10.She does volunteer work.

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"Volunteering is something I incorporate into my life. I'm mindful of being part of my community, and I go to homeless shelters to help out," she told Shape.

"Also recently traveled to a refugee camp in Greece with Artolution [a community-based public art organization that seeks social change through collaborative art making], and that was very eye-opening."

11. She is a big fan of Rita Ora.

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Not only is she a fan of Rita as an artist, but also as a style inspiration.

"I love Rita Ora. She's so fun, and she's such a cool lady, and so nice. Yeah, she's got great style," Katie told Elle.

12. She was very happy about being a mom in her twenties.

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“I was happy to become a mom in my twenties,” she told Elle UK. “It’s been nice that our ages fit. How do I put this? Every age that my child has been and my age at that time has been a good match," she said. "We kind of grew up together."