Fans Think That 'Game Of Thrones' Just Set Up Arya To Kill The Night King

Did you tune in to the Game of Thrones season premiere?

If not, I highly suggest you give it a watch and come back for this iconic theory that changes pretty much everything.

Warning: Major spoilers ahead!

The "Game of Thrones" season premiere was a lot.


We had plenty of reunions and revelations.

Naturally, fans have already started to theorize how the series will end, and there are some really good plots that seem feasible at this point.

If you saw the premier, you know the entire episode was a meditative, subtle set up for a LOT of potential drama.


Some might say it was slow, boring, or anti-climactic — but don't be fooled. This show is about to pop off!

It seems as though all of the remaining Stark children had significant encounters.


Which has left us, the viewers, thirsty AF for more details on them all.

From Sansa to Snow, each reunion offered the audience something in the form of plot points, or character development.


When Tyrion and Sansa finally meet again in Winterfell, we are reminded of the last moments they spent together — their sham wedding, Joffrey's murder, and Tyrion's subsequent murder of his father and lover.

But more importantly, we see just how much Sansa has grown — especially as she scoffed at Tyrion's belief in Cersei's intention to help the battle, promptly admitting, "I used to think you were the cleverest man alive."

Bran's reunion was a gentle yet intense reminder of what's come and gone, and what may be.

In the pilot episode of season 1, as any true GOT fan will remember, Bran sees Jaime and Cersei Lannister gettin' freaky, and Jaime subsequently pushes the child out of the window in an attempt to kill him. He survives and becomes the Three-Eyed Raven.

However, under the belief that he's dead, it's no surprise that Jaime is SHOOK when he spots Bran from across the courtyard in season 8's premier. He was indeed "waiting for an old friend."

When it comes to Arya, though, a girl does not have one, but three major reunions.

The first sees Arya and Jon reunited as she sneaks up on him with a newly developed stealth — something he actually takes note of.

But when Jon attempts to get Arya to influence Sansa's stance on Daenerys, we are quickly reminded that Arya no longer takes shit from anyone, and won't be pitted against her sister (re: Littlefinger). Arya reminds Jon of who his family is (ironically).

Arya also encounters The Hound after leaving him for dead, post-sword fight with Brienne.


This was probably the most satisfying but least meaningful reunion for Arya. The Hound's attempt to dismiss her as a "cold little bitch" was thwarted by the tangible tone in his voice that said he was glad to see her.

But her next and final reunion is where the real drama, and theory, begin.

This theory explains how Arya is going to be the one to kill the Night King.

In the theory, brought to you by New York Post, we learn how Arya could be set up for one of the biggest moments in GOT history.

We know aside from Jon and The Hound, that Arya and Gendry finally reunite (and we loved it!).

During their reunion, people sensed some sparks kind of starting to fly.

After all, Arya is a tomboy, but it's not impossible for these two to get together.

We know Gendry is on weapons duty, crafting swords, axes, and a myriad of arms for the war to come.

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And we know The Hound has just received a custom dragonglass ax crafted by Gendry — so it seems like he's down to give the people what they want.

Arya asked Gendry to build her a weapon based on a drawing, and it could *toally* kill the white walkers from a long-range.

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We know that Arya has it in her, based on her kill-count already.

Not to mention the fact that she literally didn't flinch when she saw the dragons for the first time, unlike everyone else in Winterfell.

Girl has balls of valyrian steel.

We know that Bronn tried to kill the dragons with a similar weapon in season 7, so it's quite likely that Arya could slay the white-walker dragon with this weapon.


And once you kill that terryifying beast, how hard is it to kill the Night King? The hard part is basically done at that point, right?

I guess time will tell!

Thus far, fans have been pretty divided about how things will turn out for the gang.

It's impossible to guess — there's just SO many potential outcomes.

Whatever happens, at least we can laugh at memes while all of our favorites inevitably die.

Winter is here! AHHHH.