9+ Tweets About The 'Game Of Thrones' Premiere That Sum It Up Perfectly

After two years of not-so-patiently waiting, the first episode of the final season of Game of Thrones has just aired, and there's a lot to take in.

It feels like everyone on Twitter was watching, and they had some thoughts.

Warning: Spoiler alert.

We need to talk about the new intro for a second.

It was a welcome change. How weird to see the wall torn down!

The disappointment of the CENTURY, right???

I can't be the only person who was waiting two years to see some elephants stomp into King's Landing, was I?

Okay, this line was iconic.

And you just know that every Instagrammer ever was about to use it as their next photo caption.

But just...don't, okay?

We also need to talk about this moment.

Is anyone else predicting a Maury moment in the near future? Eurone demanding a paternity test? I see it.

The reunion we've been waiting YEARS for.

Honestly, it was everything I could have hoped for and then some.

Also, LOL to Jon asking if she had to use Needle.

Just in case anyone wanted to relive this moment over and over again.

Something tells me that beautiful scenes like this one are going to be far and few between for the next five episodes, so we might as well enjoy what we can get.

I'm convinced that the inspiration of Jon riding the dragon was drawn from this "Harry Potter" scene.

I don't want to hear anything from anyone telling me otherwise.

If you've ever owned a pet, you know this feeling ALL TOO WELL.

The dragon knew. It knew all along.

Well that didn't last long.

Twitter | @Mr_Schwartz_

I'm shocked that Jon had to hear all of this from Sam. I was convinced it would be broody boy Bran to break the news.

Poor Jon, though.

Just when he was finally catching a break, someone had to come along and burst his bubble in the most disturbing way.

We knew that this reunion would come eventually.

And it was pretty much everything I could have hoped for, and then some. We need to see more of them this season!

Reek WHO?

Okay, we know that Theon doesn't have a perfect past but the Starks need all the help they can get and if this doesn't clean his slate, nothing will.

When his blue eyes opened behind Tormund.

Topped off with that bone-chilling scream accounted for all the chills I could handle in one episode.

Literally NOBODY saw that reunion coming.

It's hard to believe that Jaime and Bran haven't seen each other since he pushed him out the window in the first season.

Of course they'll leave us hanging.

In true Game of Thrones fashion, we'll have to wait until next week (or longer) to discover what goes down between these two. Will all be forgiven?