Homeless Man's Beloved Pet Rat Was Stolen And People Are Rallying To Help

There's a homeless man that hangs around my neighborhood with his pet dog. He's polite and friendly, and I often give the doggo a treat alongside my loose change.

I know how important my own dogs are to me and I can only imagine how much deeper the bond can be when they're your only family on the streets.

I think that a lot of people understand that bond, which is why so many are reacting to this story.

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It was first shared by Alyson Pearce on her Facebook page:

"Almost everyday since I started my job in the city Chris & his pet rat Lucy have sat in the same spot, Chris chatting to passersby & Lucy happily munching, sleeping & looking on."

But when she was on her way to work Monday morning, Lucy the rat was nowhere to be found.

Facebook | Alyson Pearce

Chris had put a sign up on Lucy's box that said she had been stolen that Saturday.

So Alyson shared the pic hoping social media could help.

"Please re post this story in the hope that the power of social media may find someone who knows where Lucy is. I promised Chris I’d try this, but my social media presence isn’t that large. Thank you."

She may have worried about her lack of reach, but social media is amazing.


It didn't take long for people to start sharing and Chris' story spread all around the globe. Even if people outside of Sydney couldn't help in person, they wanted to support the effort.

Some people even shared photos and stories of their own interactions with the pair.

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The police have gotten involved too, finding video of the incident on the area's CCTV. They're still looking for the culprit, who is described as a well-dressed woman.

She was seen scooping Lucy into her handbag while Chris was gone for a bathroom break.

Facebook | Margaret Scown

Chris doesn't want to press charges, he told Daily Mail Australia, but hopes the person will return his beloved pet.

Lucy was a gift from a couple Chris knew and had been with him since she was four months old.


Only six weeks ago, a friend who knew how important Lucy is to Chris, paid for surgery to remove a tumor from her little body.

Lucy was well-trained and knew to stay on her box.

Facebook | Lost Pets in NSW

Chris can't help but blame himself:

"Everyday this week, I've been thinking should I have waited a little longer before I went to the bathroom. But I always go to the bathroom and she's always there when I get back. I'm scared that if I leave this place, she'll come back and I won't be there."

As of this writing, there's still no update on whether Lucy has been found.

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Meanwhile, Alyson has set up a GoFundMe in hopes of raising enough money to cover any vet visits or extra food Lucy may need if found.

If she isn't found, then it'll go towards a new companion for Chris. Any money raised beyond the goal will be donated to charities focused on helping the homeless.

h/t: Daily Mail