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Watch The Bizarre Moment Security Guard Nearly Takes Out Tiger Woods In Epic Slide

Like all sports, golf makes perfect sense to those who follow it, and can seem a little weird at times for those who aren't as familiar. Sometimes though, something happens that absolutely everyone can agree was a little weird.

It's a busy time in the golf world.

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Now that spring is here in the northern hemisphere, recreational golfers are hitting their local links. On the professional side, things are really starting to heat up as well.

It's Masters season.

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You probably know what the Masters is, right? If you don't, it's golf's Super Bowl, its World Series, its March Madness, its....uh, MLS championship game. It's the biggest thing on the golf calendar.

Tiger's there.

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Tiger Woods may not be the force he once was, but he's still Tiger Woods. He'll always be a high-profile golfer who attracts a crowd at any event he competes in.

So, Tiger took a shot.

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Pretty normal, right? I mean, it's the Masters, he's Tiger Woods, it all kinda makes sense. But when Tiger teed up at the 14th hole of the Augusta National Golf Club, things got a bit goofy.

Let's break down the tape.

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Tiger completes its shot. It goes down the fairway, but the camera stays focused on the reaction of not just Tiger, but the fans who are crowding around him. It's the calm before the storm.

Stay back, folks.

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When there aren't physical fences, the job of separating fans from the playing area falls on security guards. The guy circled in yellow sprung into action as soon as the crowd got a little too close.


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So the yellow-circled guard continues to do his thing. But out of absolutely nowhere, a second security guard comes in to save the day. Hopefully he knows what he's doing.


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Instead of holding the crowd back, the guard just kind of overzealously got in the middle of things and basically executed a textbook feet-first baseball slide directly into Tiger's ankle.

It was weird.

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Here we see Tiger as he limps away. There's also a yellow-hatted security guard trying to maintain order in much the same was as the farmer who closes the barn doors after the cows have already escaped.

It was a unique thing to see.

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Seriously, that second guard did straight-up come out of nowhere. If you watch the video and know a security guard takes out Tiger, you'll be totally focused on the first guy, not the second.

Sports reference.

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The joke here is that the slide looked like a baseball slide, and sometimes sports resemble other sports in weird ways. But there's no tag at all. If anything, this is a takeout slide on a force play at second.

Sports reference redux.

Twitter | @White_Adam

This was absolutely contact below the knees. It's a good thing Tiger got his shot off, because if the security guard took him out while he was shooting, things would've gotten confusing.

That dastardly McGavin.

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At first I laughed this off because Scooter McGavin is a fictitious character from a 90s golf comedy starring Adam Sandler. Then I realized this tweet @'d Shooter McGavin himself.

It wasn't Shooter.

Twitter | @ShooterMcGavin_

I don't know who runs this account, but whoever it is, I don't think they're responsible. They were at home, breaking down the Tiger vs. security guard tape just like the rest of us.

Tiger's okay, folks.

Despite the slapstick element, it was a bit concerning because Tiger Woods isn't as young as he once was. But he walked it off and will continue to do his thing at the Masters. Check out the vid below!