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Dog Who Was Abandoned By Owner In Viral Video Has Found His Forever Home

The way this story begins is absolutely heartbreaking, so thank goodness it has a happy ending. It was a long saga, and it didn't always look like it was going to turn out alright. But in this case, compassion won out.

Pets are everything.

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For most pet owners, the very thought of ever abandoning their furry little buddy is unfathomable. But, unfortunately, not all people are wired this way — and sometimes pets suffer as a result.

The story started last December.

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Security camera footage out of the United Kingdom was shared by The Independent. The scene that plays out is remarkable for its heartlessness, and devastating for anyone who loves animals.

A man parked his car.

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Once stopped, he got out with his Staffordshire bull terrier. The excited dog shows a lot of love towards his owner. He probably thought he was being taken for a walk.

They walked across the street.

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The dog is on the leash and his owner appears to be carrying some kind of dog bed. The dog, ever trusting, still doesn't have any idea of what's about to happen.

The man looked around.

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Whether he was looking for people who might be watching him or stopping for a moment and thinking of what he's about to do, the man took a long pause.

He unleashes his dog.

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Taking the dog off his lead and ditching the dog bed, the man bolts to his car. It's clear that he intends to abandon his dog, and is trying to make a clean getaway.

The dog followed.

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The first few seconds the dog was off-leash, he was content to explore. But when his owner bolted for the car, the dog panicked and tried to get back to his owner.

The doors were shut.

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The poor dog paced around the car, trying to make sense of the situation. His trusted master has just cut him loose and seems intent on leaving. The poor pup...

This part breaks my heart.

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The dog literally stands on his hind legs and looks into the locked car. It's almost like he's imploring his owner to look him in the eye and stop doing what he's doing.

He drove off.

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The dog sprinted after the car, but there was no chance of catching up. His owner had pulled up stakes and abandoned him on a desolate street on a winter night.

The video went viral.

Snoop Dogg himself saw the video and stepped up to say that he'd adopt the dog, telling The Daily Star, "There is always room for another dog in Casa de Snoop."

The RSPCA came through.

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The animal advocacy group, who shared the video in the first place, took the dog (by this point he was called 'Snoop') to a shelter. Because the story went viral, Snoop was in demand.

Snoop sounds like a good boy.

Twitter | @RachRSPCA

Rachel from the RSPCA Press Team tweeted this out shortly after Snoop was taken in. He seemed so trusting and sweet from the original video, and Rachel's account just confirms this.

Dog people get it.

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Just because animal abandonment is a thing that happens, doesn't mean that most people aren't kind-hearted. This story clearly struck a chord with lots of people. The RSPCA set out to find a proper home for Snoop.

Snoop deserves a home.

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While the story went viral and there were no doubt plenty of people volunteering to take him in, the RSPCA took some time to do their due diligence. They wanted to make sure he found the right owner.

Good news!

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It took a few months, but Snoop was finally matched up with his new BFF, Laurence. Snoop and Laurence are just getting to know each other now, but from the looks of things, it's working out.

Such a good boy!

Best Life

If Snoop was human, he'd probably lose his faith in humanity after being abandoned. But dogs are inherently trusting creatures. Now he has an owner who actually deserves this trust.

Bravo, Snoop.

Best Life

The CCTV video was shocking, and the owner who heartlessly abandoned Snoop hasn't been found. But all's well that ends well — and Snoop is clearly doing well.