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The New 'Charlie's Angels' Movie Is Sparking A Lot Of Debate

Every 20-30 years, Hollywood knows it's time for a Charlie's Angels reboot. They know what the people want — and what better time than now? Strong female leads are on the rise.

But this time, instead of a reboot, they're calling it a "continuation".

Unfortunately, not everyone is on board with this idea.

Yesterday the new new "Charlie's Angels" first looks were revealed.

And while many people are excited that the angels are back in action, the majority of people do not seem impressed.

To be fair, the trailer hasn't been released yet, so we can't truly give an educated critique.


But based on first impressions, people are not here for this at all.

The new cast will star Kristen Stewart, Naomi Scott, Ella Balinska, and Elizabeth Banks.

Not only will Elizabeth Banks be apart of the film, she is also directing it.

Talk about girl power, amirite?

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Elizabeth Banks revealed some key information about the movie.

Charlie Townsend has become mega rich and has turned his 4-person operation into a global spy agency.

Welcome to the big leagues, Charlie.

What this means is that the new angles aren't replacing the old ones.


They are simply new recruits to the agency.

So, nobody's toes are getting stepped on. Natalie, Dylan, and Alex's legacy lives on!

Kristen Stewart's character is going to play "Sabina Wilson", the "skilled wildcard".

Instagram | @kristenstewartx

Ella Balinska will be playing the role of "Jane Kano" — the braun of the group, and lastly, Naomi Scott will be playing Elena Houghlin, the brains of the group.

Elizabeth revealed that she wants the movie to primarily focus on the art of teamwork.


Instead of getting distracted by romance or personal problems that usually occur around female roles in movies, she wants the movie to solely be about the ladies working together.

Bosley is also getting a revamp.

Instead of Bosley being one person, it's going to be a high-up position in Charlie's agency consisting of a group of people: Elizabeth Banks, Patrick Stewart, and Djimon Hounsou.

Elizabeth also revealed that like all previous "Charlie's Angels" movies, there will be stunts — just not to the same degree of exaggeration.

She said she wants the stunts to be more believable.

The original narrating voice of "Charlie's Angels", John Forsythe, sadly passed away in 2010. But apparently, there will be a tribute to him in the film.


Elizabeth hinted that true Charlie's Angels fans will notice some similarities in the new narration.

Not going to lie, I'm an OG "Charlie's Angels" fan. So hearing news of a reboot had me shooketh — and I'm not the only one.

Twitter | @Sternystern

One fan wrote "I cannot stress this enough", "Charlie's Angels did not need a reboot."

Another person thinks that the sneak-peek looks like a fast-fashion ad.

Another fan was in disbelief, wanting to know where the cast from the 2000 version is.

"Where tf is Lucy Liu wit my girl Drew, Cameron D and Destiny?"

Those were the days...

These fans were disappointed that there isn't an Asian angel this time.

Twitter | @Lioleoli

"No asians damn sis Elizabeth. You got one job," they wrote.

Bring back Lucy Liu, thanks!

Some were annoyed by the lack of nose-size diversity. Some sensed the movie is going to be "trash".

Twitter | @ch0c0lat3b0y

There's a sentence I never thought I'd say.

"The new Charlie's Angels cast all got the same nose job and I'm honestly triggered," they wrote.

Despite all the negativity, there are still some people that are excited to see a movie with three strong female leads, shot in Istanbul.

Twitter | @jjanenealey

The movie is set to be released on November 15th!

Let us know if you think this movie is going to be the best Charlie's Angels yet, or the worst!