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Mariah Carey Reveals ‘Biggest Turn-Off Ever’ In Hilarious Twitter Response

Mariah Carey is a woman who needs no introduction. With a pop career spanning over four decades, Mariah is the queen of relevancy. The queen of timeless charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent. She's not only a queen on the music charts, but a queen on the social media as well.

Here she is livin' la vida loca in a gorgeous purple sparkle bikini.

Instagram | @mariahcarey

No caption? No context? No problem!

Mariah also crushes it on Twitter, always showing her fans love.

She loves content about herself, and honestly who wouldn't?

Mariah gave us another example of her spiritual healing when she replied to this fan's hilarious tweet about their biggest dating turnoffs.


1 word. 4 letters. 1 syllable. 1 queen.

Needless to say, fans agreed with the sentiment.

Because fans love their Mariah just the way she is, and how she is is fabulous dahhhhling.