This Fan Theory Explains What The Night King Really Wants In 'Game Of Thrones'

In Game of Thrones season 8, fans will finally see the showdown with the White Walkers.

These walking dead winter zombies are led by the enigmatic Night King, an intractable foe who has yet to speak.

What does the Night King really want? Talking Thrones has a theory worth exploring.

"What do you know about fear?"


Way back in season 1, Old Nan told Bran Stark a scary bedtime story about a night that lasted a generation.

Those were the tales of the White Walker invasion from thousands of years ago.

The Night King


Legend has it that the Night King was once the Lord Commander of the Night's Watch.

After the Wall had been built to keep the White Walkers out of Westeros, the future Night King spotted someone.

"Her Skin Was Cold As Ice"


The Night King saw a beautiful woman with white skin on the other side of the wall.

She had "eyes like blue stars," and he gave her his soul before they began their reign of terror.

Lost To Legend


It took an alliance of Wildlings and Northerns to finally bring down the Night King and his queen.

So vile were his crimes that the Night King's true name was stricken from all records.

However, he was rumored to be a Stark.

The Legend is a Lie


Behold the true face of the enemy.

Through a vision, Bran witnessed the creation of the White Walkers by the Children of the Forest.

Basically, the Children were the elves of this world. And they wanted a weapon.

Too Powerful To Stop


Unfortunately, the Children were not able to control their own creation.

Their last hope to stop humanity's advance turned against them.

The Children and the race of men had to unite to stop the White Walkers. But how?

A Secret Truce?


Talking Thrones' theory suggests that the White Walkers were never actually defeated.

Instead, it is implied that a truce was reached to limit their territory behind the Wall.

And it was that truce that held them at bay for thousands of years.

Baby White Walkers


As evidence, Talking Thrones points to the deal Craster apparently made with the White Walkers.

In exchange for leaving him in peace, Craster allowed all of his sons to be claimed by the White Walkers.



It's telling that the Night King's first appearance came when he claimed one of Craster's sons.

Before our eyes, the Night King turned the child into a White Walker.

Craster's death ended that exchange, which may have prompted the new war.

A New Night King?


A key part of the theory is that the Night King is looking for his heir.

And if the Night King is truly a Stark, then perhaps only a Stark can replace him.

Jon Snow


The Night King has silently acknowledged Jon Snow as one of his primary foes.

However, the Night King has also passed up chances to kill Jon. Why?

Jon would make an ideal replacement Night King.

It Takes a Baby


But as noted in the theory, only newborn babies can be turned into White Walkers.

Dead humans simply become Wights. Or zombies, if you prefer.

That means the Night King would be more interested in Jon's son or daughter.

Heir To the Throne


We've already seen the Night King seize control of Bran's visions. This implies he has the same power.

The theory implies that the Night King has foreseen that Jon will have a child with Daenerys.

And that child may be his chosen heir.

A Union of Ice and Fire


While Jon is both a Targaryen and a Stark, his age makes him unable to become a new Night King.

But Jon's potential child with Daenerys might be the Night King's true objective.

Two powerful bloodlines combined as one.

The Long Night


Talking Thrones' video explains the theory in more detail.

It also suggests that the White Walkers may have had a steady flow of Targaryen children.

What do you think about this theory? We'll learn more when Game of Thrones returns this Sunday, April 14.