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14+ Kardashian Photoshop Fails We Can't Believe Ever Saw The Light Of Day

Many of us are guilty of FaceTuning or Photoshopping the photos of ourselves we post on social media.

It's understandable that you want to portray the best possible version of yourself — especially if you have as many eyes on you as the Kardashians and Jenners do.

It's also very easy to let a few major editing indicators sneak by, giving the trolls of the internet the perfect opportunity to do what they do best.

Let's begin with a super obvious one: Their height.


Sure, this photo is stunning. But some eagle-eyed fans noticed something very strange about this photo.

Khloé is significantly taller than both Kim and Kourtney in real life, and Kim is taller than Kourtney as well.

So how come they all look about the same height in that photo, when in reality they look more like this:

Fans of the show already know how tall (or short) the Kardashians are, and people pointed it out right away.

At first glance, there's nothing wrong with this photo. Everything looks perfect. Maybe too perfect...

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It's more obvious than you might think.

If you carefully zoom in on Kendall's leg, you'll find the culprit.

Kendall's second knee is nowhere to be found.

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It appears to be just a very long, slim, smooth, irregularly curved thigh.

If fans never pointed it out, many of us may have never noticed this.

Khloe actually had to temporarily disable her comments after she posted this photo.

She received a tremendous amount of hate for her abnormal head to body-size ratio. Fans commented that she looked like a "bobble-head".

Some fans were a little bit nicer about it.

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Some Instagram commenters tried to offer some helpful advice for how to make the photo look more realistic. It could be a trick of the angle, but fans weren't buying the picture as unedited.

The 14-finger incident.

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Again, from afar, there does not seem to be anything that stands out about this photo — besides Khloé's giant, Diana Ross inspired hair-do.

But if you look very closely, you can count that she has 14 fingers instead of 10.

From that same night, fans noticed that the baseboards were looking a little wonky.

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And as we all know, typically, baseboards don't curve like that without the help of photoshop.

It wasn't the first time Khloé's fingers didn't quite add up.

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When Khloé posted this glamorous shot, many people didn't even notice that it looks like her thumb and thumbnail somehow got doubled.

Fans were quick to criticize this photo of Kourtney, pointing out that there was something unnatural about her leg proportions.

It appears as though her second leg is much longer than the one in the forefront, not to mention the fact that her face looks copied and pasted on.

After Khloé posted this photo with her then-boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, fans noticed something strange going on with his hand.

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It appears that his pinky finger is blurred and nearly looks doubled in size. People thought this was because Khloé potentially tried to downsize her waist in this photo.

Even Kris has been accused of editing her photos.

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Fans flooded with comments on this photo, pointing out that the wood beneath her right arm is warped-looking.

Kris also posted this suspiciously smooth pic of her and Gordon Ramsay.

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Kris looks great in this photo, but fans of the famously rough celebrity chef were quick to point out that she had clearly smoothed not only her skin, but Gordon's as well.

Of all the photoshop fails, this one likely received the most hate from fans.

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This one really didn't fool anyone. Fans immediately pointed out that the background was completely warped — the doorframe and the walls.

The other pic Kim uploaded of her and Blac Chyna faced the same problems.

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Fans commented that the door frame still bends in around the same angles as Kim's waist in this photo, just like it was doing in the other.

While there is no hard proof that this photo was actually edited or not, fans did not hold back.

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They pointed out that Khloé's waist is not that small in real life and that her face looks completely different in this photo than what we're all used to.

Another pic from this same shoot also raised some eyebrows.

Commenters immediately pointed out that Khloé's body in her reflection on the floor looked a lot different, especially around her midsection.

Some fans were disappointed that the body-positive Good American brand would post edited photos.


This commenter also noted that on the show, the models for Good American actually painted on abs before a photoshoot.

Kendall posted this mirror selfie on Instagram and was immediately bombarded with comments questioning the authenticity of the photo.

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They pointed out that wavy, shifted-looking walls in the background.

When Kim posted this photo on Instagram, it was the only thing people were talking about for a solid week. Can you spot the editing fail?

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Fans had a ton of questions about this one, starting with, what's up with the car in the background?

Kim explained she had simply reposted a fan's edit of the photo that had been doubled.

She wrote on her Instagram story that the whole thing was, "So ridiculous! I reposted a picture on Instagram that a fan had already posted—I only added a filter to it... It looks like the fan mirrored the photo, which is the reason the car looks like that."

She added, "Who would even Photoshop a car to look like that?! LOL."

Kim got called out by fans for editing her body after they noticed the wonky, misshapen lines in the background of the photo.

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Assuming that her door frame doesn't actually curve like that, there is a strong possibility that this was an editing mishap.

Kylie handed this photo off to FashionNova to advertise their jeans.

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But fans pointed out that her back pockets and belt loop look oddly expanded — insinuating that Kylie resized her bottom to look larger than it is. Hmmm...

When they posted their family Christmas card, they were accused of photoshopping... feet?

It's a frankly adorable photo, even if it's missing a few family members, but some particularly eagle-eyed fans were convinced there was something fishy going on.

The comments came pouring in that someone had copied one of Khloé's feet, flipped it, and pasted it over Kylie's.

Sounds silly, until you zoom in...

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Khloé's foot is on the far left, and Kylie's are on the far right. When you get close up, it looks like this theory might have some merit. What do you think?