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This Coffee-And-Cream Chart Stirred Up Plenty Of Emotions Online

Whether we're high maintenance or not, we all have things we get a bit picky about. That's okay. You're allowed to like things how you like things.

Still, getting particular can definitely stir up emotions, and one of the things most of us are pickiest about is our morning brew.

That time in life, usually around college — maybe even during finals — when you start drinking coffee on the regular, you have a choice to make: How you're going to take it.

And maybe you tinker for a while to find the right mix of creaminess and sweetness to find the most drinkable blend you can — heck, maybe you even figure out how to do it all in another language just to make things more interesting.

But, chances are, once you land on your own blend, it's a zone you'll stay in for the rest of your life.

Which brings us to this chart.

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Basically, it's just a lightness-to-darkness scale of how much cream goes into a coffee, from what is just a cup of cream at A1 to the dark, bitter, cream-free F6.

The folks at Delish posted this chart on their Instagram, just curious to see where folks's coffee preferences would land them. They definitely got more than they bargained for.

You never know what exactly to expect from a comments section.

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Will you get serious replies? People just there to push their Etsy stores? Or will folks go off the rails?

Well, Delish managed to stir up plenty of emotions for such a simple idea.

Yes, there were seriously people out there saying that they preferred the A1.

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How much coffee can it even have? Why even bother? It's no wonder the folks at Delish had to reply in their best "do we need to stage an intervention" voice.

Really, the A1's in the crowd were dragged on pretty mercilessly.

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But hey, while it might be difficult to imagine gulping down a cup of barely coffee-flavored milk, it's not like anybody is forcing it on anybody else.

Mind you, even folks who fell somewhere in the middle felt strongly about their choice.

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Although, by my reckoning, you have to have a pretty keen eye to differentiate D4 from E3 or F2. So maybe there should be some wiggle room on this chart?

It's a pretty thorough gradient however, and at least a few people have plans to put the chart to use in real life.

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Which is honestly a great idea. As a former coffee server myself, I do know that folks are quite particular about the color of their java!

And, unfortunately, some folks were a little mixed up about the chart.

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Why Delish would have a makeup chart is beyond me, but I can see where someone might mistake it for the wrong thing at first glance for sure.

So, where do you land on this coffee-and-cream chart?

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