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People Are Not Happy After Seeing What Scar Looks Like In 'The Lion King' Trailer

Recreating animated Disney classics and turning them into much darker, live-action blockbuster films is always a gamble.

It's impossible to get it right when we're all so accustomed to the lighthearted classics we grew attached to as kids.

When filmmakers start rocking the boat — messing with the status quo, and challenging everything we've cemented in our minds since 1994, it can stir up a lot of combative emotion from fans.

If you missed it, the full-length trailer for the new, live-action version of "The Lion King" was released on Wednesday.

YouTube | Walt Disney Studios

I think we can all agree that this movie has some seriously big shoes to fill. The original Lion King was classic.

But judging by the trailer, they've done an exceptional job.

Just look how cute little Simba is.

They even gave us a sneak-peek of Nala, voices by the one, the only, Beyoncé Knowles.

YouTube | Walt Disney Studios

And, I feel weird saying this about a fictional, CGI lion, but she is giving Simba some major sultry vibes.

(Cue Can You Feel The Love Tonight)

Up to that point, the trailer seemed flawless. No complaints.

YouTube | Walt Disney Studios

But then fans noticed something that compelled them to complain all over social media.

They did not hold back.

People were disappointed that Scar did not resemble the fabulous, evil mastermind that he was.

YouTube | Walt Disney Studios

But instead, sort of looked like a dirty old dish rag that has gone through the dryer one-too-many times.

I mean, look at him. He looks like he's been through hell and back.

YouTube | Walt Disney Studios

He looks like the towel you never cared about, that you gave to your pet dog who's been chewing on it every day for the last four years — dirty, smelly, faded, and full of holes.

This version of scar looks like he hasn't had a sip of water all week — been drinking nothing but iced coffee — exhausted, dehydrated, decrepit, and possibly about to croak.

The original scar was sassy af, eccentric, flamboyant, energetic — a true icon — not some old, dusty shoe at the back of your closet that you haven't seen in over a decade.


They basically reinvented his character entirely.

So, yeah, people are pissed.

YouTube | Walt Disney Studios

This is almost worse than the time they made a live-action Aladdin and the genie wasn't blue.

Whoever gave the 'go-ahead' and allowed Scar's character to look like this, is getting torn a new one by the kindhearted trolls of the interweb. Nothing gets passed them.

Some people sarcastically wrote on Twitter that the new Scar looks great.

While hilariously comparing him to whatever the hell this is.

Pretty accurate, I'd say.

Other people are saying that the trailer looks amazing, except for Scar.

I mean, he kinda does.

This person complained that Scar doesn't have anymore "sex appeal" in the new movie.

If you think that animated Scar doesn't have sex appeal then you're lying.

One person wrote that Scar looks like he ate hot Cheetos in the morning.

I'm also curious as to why and how this person knows what someone looks like after eating hot Cheetos in the morning. Is that even a thing?

Either way, I agree.

This person pointed out that the new Scar isn't "sexy, goth, or gay".

"Just watched the trailer for the new lion king and am disgusted," they wrote.

Others think that the new "Lion King" is "pure Mufasa propaganda".

Twitter | @_Zeets

"They had Scar looking dry and malnutritioned, like that man wasn't a bad [expletive] in the animated movie."

Excellent point.

While the majority of people aren't on board with Scar's new look, others are trying to look at this from a logical standpoint.

They make a good point. You can't make a realistic looking lion and have him look exactly like OG Scar. You just can't.

They may have missed the mark creating the new Scar, but the rest of the movie looks freaking amazing.

Disney Lion King

It can never compete with the original, animated version. But there's no doubt it will be a success and spark nostalgia for our entire generation.