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Meghan Markle Revealed Her Birth Plan — And It's Completely Different From Kate's

There has been a ton of mystery shrouding around Meghan and Harry's pregnancy, and their baby's gender. They have chosen to keep most things regarding their first child, a secret from the public — which is totally fair.

But with supposedly only a couple of days until Meghan's due date, they're starting to give us a few more pieces of the puzzle.

It is clear that Meghan and Harry are very private people.

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Which is a difficult thing to be when you are constantly in the public eye. But so far, they've done a pretty solid job of keeping us in the dark.

They only tell us what they want us to know, and that's their prerogative.

But this just in, they have finally revealed some new details about the upcoming arrival of their little one.

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The almost-parents released a statement on Thursday that is really going to crush all of the excitement I've built up to this point.

They would like to keep all of the details of their delivery plan, private.

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Anticlimactic. I know. I'm sorry.

I was just as disappointed by this announcement as you probably are.

But there is one aspect of this that people are finding to be quite interesting...

Meghan is choosing the complete opposite route that her sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, took.

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Kate and William basically held our hands through every step of each of their pregnancies and deliveries.

But I guess that's just not Meghan and Harry's style.

Despite centuries of tradition in the royal family, Meghan and Harry have proven they aren't afraid to bend the rules.

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Unlike Kate and William, who kept the press well-informed on their birth plans for all three of their children.

They even introduced all three of their children to the press, outside the hospital, just hours after each of them were born — a free-for-all for the paparazzi.

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But Meghan and Harry have made it abundantly clear thus far, that they are blazing their own trail and taking control of their growing family's narrative — in a more private way.

"That first photograph [of the baby] has the potential to be incredibly valuable," royal commentator, Victoria Arbiter, noted.

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"Which is when you see royals take control of the narrative. And they say, 'We’ll give you this picture but in exchange, you’ve got to leave us alone and respect our privacy.'"

They have made it clear that we will have a chance to catch a glimpse of the happy couple with their newborn baby, but only under very specific terms that they've chosen.

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Within a few days of the baby being born, The three of them will partake in a small photo-op — with one reporter, one photographer, and one TV camera — on the grounds of Windsor Castle.

The palace will also announce exactly when Meghan is going into labor. So we won't be completely out of the loop.

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Afterward, we can likely expect Meghan and Harry to announce the arrival of the baby on their fresh, new Instagram account.

Buckingham Palace released a statement on behalf of Meghan and Harry, thanking everyone for their well-wishes.

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“The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are very grateful for the goodwill they have received from people throughout the United Kingdom and around the world as they prepare to welcome their baby,” they said.

”Their Royal Highnesses have taken a personal decision to keep the plans around the arrival of their baby private," they went on.

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"The Duke and Duchess look forward to sharing the exciting news with everyone once they have had an opportunity to celebrate privately as a new family.”

The palace did not confirm on whether or not Meghan would be having a home-birth, or taking her delivery to a nearby hospital.

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Kate chose to give birth at the private Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Hospital — so it seems unlikely Meghan will make that same choice.

Meghan and Harry have recently moved into their new home, out in the country, Frogmore Cottage.

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Their new digs are 25 miles from St. Mary's, so instead, they could opt to deliver near the town of Windsor, at either the Princess Margaret Hospital, King Edward VII Hospital or Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey.

“This is a very happy time for Meghan and Harry,” a source told PEOPLE Magazine.

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“This baby has brought them even closer," they added.

Ultimately, how and when they choose to give us information, is entirely up to them. Whatever they are most comfortable with is what's best!

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Prince William and Kate had a very different standard of what they were comfortable sharing with us — and we loved it.

But if Meghan and Harry prefer to keep the birth of their child private, that is totally their call — and kudos to them for clearly defining their boundaries.