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16+ Wholesome Pics That Made Us Glad To Get Up Today

A lot of the time, the prospect of getting up to go to work or school and leaving our nice, warm beds doesn't seem that attractive. Maybe it's just because I'd never be mistaken for a morning person, but you normally wouldn't catch me leaving the house in the morning without rolling my eyes.

And yet, that perspective can switch up entirely if we see something cute on our commute or hear a friendly word from someone unexpected.

Just as a bad enough encounter can wreck our whole day, so too can a lovely one make it. So if you need to see something nice, maybe these will help.

As you might imagine, the chalk drawing behind this man is no coincidence.

YouTube | Sumit316

He's a regular customer with a usual order and a particular style, and someone who works there took all of that into account to show they valued him.

This man has apparently spent every morning picking up trash for the last 13 years.

Reddit | benhrash

Even though it seems to have become tougher to do in recent years, he still keeps it up no matter the weather.

Somebody just gave whoever owns this car some much-needed peace of mind.

Reddit | AmyDeeee

The only feeling worse than realizing your phone slipped out of your pocket is noticing your wallet is missing. Hopefully, there was some photo ID in there so this good Samaritan can weed out the fakers.

This place was experiencing some intense heat that day, and this vendor didn't want to let a dog go dehydrated.

Reddit | derricksw

So not only did he buy a bottle for the sole purpose of giving this dog a drink, but he even held up the bowl for the critter.

They may not be the healthiest options in the world, but a starving student will definitely appreciate this nonetheless.

Reddit | dontlikemangoes

Indeed, it seems like this makeshift food bank has already come to somebody's rescue. To live this life is to develop a deep respect for Ramen.

It would normally be a little hard to see what's so special about an overstuffed truck bed, but its owner filled us in.

Reddit | Wulfricbunny

This Alaskan driver is just doing their part for #trashtag and has filled their truck to the brim with garbage they picked up in this area.

While Connor McDavid of the Edmonton Oilers was warming up, he came over to make this fan's day.

Reddit | adogepepe

It's always so nice when just a few seconds of our time can put such a big smile on somebody's face.

This three-year-old was understandably very scared before undergoing heart surgery, so this doctor took a little time to help lift her spirits.

Reddit | Surgeox

In this case, that involved taking his phone out and finding some nice, soothing cartoons for her to watch.

The man in the middle is Kevin, who apparently volunteered for 24 days to drive this high school jazz band to all of their competitions.

Reddit | mardo4

Not only is it impressive that he did all of that for free, but it's encouraging to see how much these students appreciated what he did for them.

It's hard to tell what exactly is going on here, but there's just something wholesome about this shirt.

Reddit | IamPunit75

This was likely some kind of horticultural event, so the only the power of plants could bring this guy out of his shell.

It's almost impossible to expect a picture of a cake that looks like this to be so bittersweet.

Reddit | radowanhabib

Not only was this clearly a difficult cake for this dad ability-wise, but the emotional strain of making it is all but unimaginable.

Although this first message was probably just someone venting their frustrations, not everyone was willing to take that chance.

Reddit | LifeIsRamen

Even if we don't know who's giving it, sometimes the right words of encouragement can make a lot of difference when we're in a dark place.

This child had brought a pencil case with sequins that he loved, but felt ashamed to use it because someone told him it was for girls.

Reddit | hootersbutwithcats

In response, this burly-looking gym teacher brought out a bathing suit bag and said it was his own pencil case. And all was right again.

It's unusual for lions, tigers and bears to stay close like this once they reach adulthood, but these ones have been through a lot together.

Reddit | nixonico

According to HuffPost, when they were rescued from an Atlanta drug dealer's house in 2001, they were in rough shape.

Leo the African lion had been in a small crate with an infected wound on his nose, while Shere Khan the Bengal tiger was malnourished and Baloo the black bear was wearing a harness that was too small to do anything but dig into his flesh.

In the midst of some devastating floods rocking Iran, this scene of kindness emerges.

Reddit | SHN786

Here we see a Shi'ite scholar carrying a Sunni scholar to safety. Although the two sects have had a history of conflict, that clearly didn't matter in this moment of crisis.

This is certainly a lot of food, but the important part is that instead of going to the dumpster, it'll be put to better use.

Reddit | StopHunger

And so, the over 325 pounds of food collected here will provide much-needed meals for about 300 homeless people.

You might have seen the first image of black hole ever captured this week, but this is the woman who led the team that made it possible.

Reddit | ledgendary

Katie Bouman here was in charge of a group developing an algorithm that got around the fact that black holes are normally impossible to see, and we're seeing her elation at the very moment that it was shown to work.

In a major gridlock with no traffic cops around, somebody had to step up and find a way to organize everything.

Reddit | thoughtprotocol

And so, this young man and two other youths stepped into the center of the jam and did exactly that, which cleared the congestion away in a fairly short time.

This man managed to save the day on his special day.

Reddit | Rangertough666

During his wedding photo shoot, the groom noticed that a family friend's young child had fallen into the pond. He saved the kid's life, and the moment was even captured on camera.

It's pretty extraordinary when people use what they have to help others. This Youtuber is doing his part one pizza at a time.

Reddit | Balberd

Grandpa Kitchen has almost 6 million subscribers. His content documents his daily life as he cooks meals meant to be shared with the people of his community.

Even in the face of adversity, these Muslim Americans showcased true patriotism.

Reddit | Clappingenballs

They raised more than $120,000 for those affected by the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting.

"If you need people outside your next service protecting you, let us know" they said, "we'll be there."

In a garbage man's line of work, humanity may not look the greatest. When this man found something left for him that wasn't garbage, it certainly brightened his day.

Reddit | SubzeroMK

He explained on Reddit that the bag had Gatorade and candy inside. Small gestures like these may be meaningless to some, but to others, they mean the whole world.

Losing your purse can be the worst thing to happen in your entire week. Luckily, a random person's empathy prevented the event from becoming a disaster.

Reddit | Mysterious_Ostrich

Apparently the mysterious purse-saver drove 10 miles to deliver this woman's belongings back to her. All of the money inside of the purse was untouched.

The woman took to Reddit to thank their anonymous savior.

"Whoever you are, you're pretty hecking wonderful."

Our parents have sacrificed so much for us, and this specific teen decided to return the favor.

Reddit | Goddamnyoudee

For some people, senior prom is a huge life milestone. Through one simple gesture, this kid is acknowledging all of the hard work that his mother puts into taking care of him. And it looks like his gratitude paid off.

This doctor understood that his patient was a special case, and took the time to change his methods accordingly.

Reddit | vampirobrasileiro

For an illiterate patient, the doctor replaced the words of the medications with stripes of differently colored tape, in order for the patient to identify them correctly.

A little extra effort can change someone's entire perspective on an institution. This patient can now access a service that was previously unavailable to him.

One stranger helping another.

Reddit | [deleted]

This man didn't need to stop and help a random person with his tie, but he did it anyway. These spur-of-the-moment acts inspire all of us to be better citizens of the world.

It's a little hard to tell what's going on here at first, but there's a reason these kids look so downcast.

Reddit | arjuna20

They had apparently got into their parents' spray-paint and wrote "Fortnite" on their neighbor's driveway.

The neighbor didn't know who did it, but their parents showed up the next day to clean it up anyway. It's nice lesson in respect for other people's property.

Although this doesn't necessarily change the world, that doesn't make this turtle costume any less adorable.

Reddit | unnamedFR

With some cardboard, some small pipes and a couple of hoses, this ordinary turtle has now transformed into a Blastoise with water shooting action.