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'Monsters, Inc.' Is Officially Coming Back As A TV Show — With The Original Cast

ATTENTION ALL MONSTERS: Mike and Sulley are making a return!

No, it's not in the form of another sequel — instead, the monstrous duo will be heading to Disney+, Disney's forthcoming streaming platform.

So, what do we know? What are Mike and Sulley going to get up to? And what on Earth is Disney+? I got you.

Disney+ is heading our way

What is Disney+? It's Disney's answer to Netflix, basically.

Instead of keeping their content on Netflix, they're moving their massive catalog over to Disney+.

That's where you'll eventually find all your past Disney faves, from movies to TV.

Many new things will be exclusive to Disney+

Just as CBS has developed content specifically for CBS All Access, their own streaming service, Disney will be doing the same.

Among the announced new TV shows include a roster of Marvel shows.

It'll be launched soon...ish

So far, the word is that it'll land "late 2019."

No one knows more than that, but Disney has an investor presentation on April 11th.

We'll have more solid information then.

For now, we know that Mike and Sulley are among the Disney+ exclusives

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The new show will be called Monsters at Work. It'll follow the events of the first Monsters, Inc. movie.

However, Mike and Sulley won't be the primary focus of the new show.

Disney has a new character in mind for the show

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Enter Tylor Tuskmon. He's an eager upstart at Monsters, Inc.

He has goals of making his way up from his job at Facilities to join his idols, Mike and Sulley, on the prestigious Laugh Floor.

He'll be voiced by Ben Feldman.

Ben Feldman will be joined by some familiar faces

Of course, Mike and Sulley will still be there! And great news: they haven't been recast.

John Goodman and Billy Crystal will reprise their roles as our favorite monster duo for Monsters at Work.

They really put those things back where they came from, huh?

And more of the original cast are set to return

Of course, we all remember Mike's unique-haired girlfriend, Celia.

Jennifer Tilly is back on board to play Celia. Hopefully, Celia will get at least one normal date out of Mike this time.

Roz fans may be disappointed

The voice of Roz, Bob Peterson, will also be back.

However, he won't be playing Roz! Instead, he'll take on the role of "Roze," who is Roz's twin.

Oh god...two of them. Can the internet handle that? More importantly, can Mike?

The best Yeti ever is also back

Yup, John Ratzenberger will be bringing the Yeti to the small screen.

We don't know what he'll get up to yet, but I'm really hoping he got his job back for good!

Some new faces are also incoming

One is Kelly Marie Tran, who you'll recognize from Star Wars: The Last Jedi as the adorable Rose.

She'll play Val, who apparently is a friend of Tylor's. Maybe she works with him in Facilities?

And Henry frickin' Winkler will be in the show

Henry Winkler! I'm excited, because he's, you know, Henry Winkler.

He'll play Tylor's "scatterbrained boss," which tbh is the perfect role for Henry Winkler to take on.

Plus, any boss has to be better than Mr. Waternoose!

Also joining the cast?

Two more faces — or should I say, voices — are entering Monstropolis.

Lucas Neff (Raising Hope) will play an unnamed "opportunistic plumber," while Alanna Ubach (Coco) will play an "officious rule follower."

Two more new characters will also be introduced

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Aisha Tyler, who is no stranger to animated voice work thanks to her role on FX's Archer, will be playing Tylor's mother.

Stephen Stanton will be playing double duty, voicing a pair of "bumbling janitors."

Fans are overjoyed

Actually, that might be an understatement.

For many, growing up included repeat viewings of Monsters, Inc. It's so exciting to see a beloved film continued exactly the way you imagined it would be!

Seriously, they're really excited

A common theme is everyone saying that this is what they were really waiting for.

Sorry, Monsters University. You were good, but you're no sequel. This is the sequel we all secretly wanted.