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Man Shocks And Disgusts The Internet By Saying Cereal Is Best Eaten With Water

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to food. That's just how things work. No one's going to judge you too harshly if you like pizza without mushrooms or a burger without tomatoes. Some food takes, though, are straight-up beyond the pale.

Cereal with milk: it's delicious.

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No one doubts this, right? It's one of the lowest-effort breakfasts you can make, and it's delicious enough that it's easy enough to literally eat the whole box of cereal.

I have no words.

Reddit | DubitablyIndubitable

On the r/unpopularopinion subreddit, a user shared what's possibly the most unpopular opinion of all time. They lay out their case in a concise and readable fashion. They're also totally wrong.

The horror...

Reddit | DubitablyIndubitable

Yes, just to show that they weren't trolling, the user straight up shared a video of their watery Cheerios. We've just taken a still image and put it here, because the video is decidedly NSFW.



The thread sparked a lively discussion, even if, somehow, the wrong opinion that cereal is better with water than milk garnered more than 67,000 upvotes. It should probably be the most downvoted thread of all time, in my opinion.

The take was scorching hot.

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The internet is full of hot takes, but some are so egregiously spicy that it's hard not to take notice. Needless to say, this thread attracted attention far beyond the confines of Reddit.


Twitter | @MMPerspectives

Look, milk is too versatile to be seen simply as cereal sauce. Also, 'cereal sauce' sounds gross. But so long as you're in favor of milk on cereal, I'll allow it.

The verdict is in.

Twitter | @BTtoronto

Look, it's just common sense. This poll has more than a thousand votes. That's a good enough sample size to convince me that most people in the world are sane.


Twitter | @cdtellier

I just keep picturing getting to the end of the bowl, with soggy bits of cereal breaking apart and forming some kind of horrifying cold cereal soup. No thank you.

Don't scorch yourself on that take.

Twitter | @winniet97

No, Edwin. I realize that four in the morning can be a dark hour of the soul, but nothing excuses your opinion. I hope Edwin has been taken off Twitter.


Twitter | @Tatdespres

Tatyana's coaching (use 'hard' cereal, apparently), has possibly convinced Madison to try this vile concoction. But I'm not so easily swayed. Tatyana, you're wrong and Madison, sometimes it's best not to try new things.

It's spreading.

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Water is great. Hydration is great. To that end, there are a few subreddits dedicated to proper hydration. But some posts, like the one seen above, show that water fandom can go too far.

It's meme-worthy.


I know this is a popular meme format, but Drake should straight-up sue whoever associated his good name with water-on-cereal advocacy. That's a defamation lawsuit just waiting to happen.

They've gone too far.

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This is actually more palatable than cereal with water. It looks refreshing, honestly. But it's not cereal. Water and cereal need to stay far, far away from each other at all times.

We're through the looking glass.

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Eventually the memes in favor of water on cereal get to the point of surrealism. I don't know if these people are edgelords or legit true believers, but I'm scared for the future of humanity.

Is there a middle ground?

Twitter | @IanMcCulloog

I like the creativity here. But still, Cereal with milk is fine. Cereal with nothing else is fine. But cereal with water? Never ever. Let us know your position on this hot-button issue in the comments.