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People Turned Chadwick Boseman's 'Avengers: Endgame' Interview Into An Iconic Meme

In the MCU, Chadwick Boseman plays Black Panther, the King of Wakanda. But now, Boseman is the King of Memes!

During a recent interview, Boseman shut down any Avengers: Endgame spoilers so effectively that it's already an internet legend.

Wakanda Forever

Marvel Studios

Boseman's T'Challa had a banner year in Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War, and fans embraced his take on the iconic hero.

That's why it was so devastating when "The Snappening" occurred.

"This is No Place To Die"

Marvel Studios

Thanos won. And with the snap of his fingers, the Mad Titan dusted half of the universe.

T'Challa was among the victims, and he simply disintegrated into thin air.

Fans are desperate to know what will happen next. But Boseman knows how to shut down any spoiler talk.

"I'm Dead"


While promoting his latest film on the red carpet, Access cornered Boseman and peppered him with Endgame questions.

Boseman's response was immediately internet famous.

"I'm dead," said Boseman. And thus, a meme was born!

The Perfect Excuse


It turns out that Boseman has touched upon the perfect excuse for any occasion.

"I'm dead" is pretty hard to top! There's no easy counter for that one.

And it works for almost anything.

Heaven Can Wait


"I'm dead" may even bring the almighty to a loss of words.

Even God can't break Boseman's commitment to the bit!



Once you get inside the pearly gates, it would take a lot to get thrown out.

Maybe stay on God's good side, if you can..

Party All the Time


T'Challa's mother, Queen Ramonda, probably wouldn't be very happy to hear this excuse.

As for Angela Bassett, even Boseman wouldn't dare to try it on her. Neither would we.

Analyze That


Hey, the world can be an emotionally exhausting place.

Who among us hasn't been "dead" or drained while dealing with complex emotional situations?

Sometimes, dust is better.

Student Loans


Sorry, but student loan contracts extend into the afterlife.

The government is really strict about that one.

Even when you're dead, you don't want to miss a payment!

Freezer Burn


Like, that's on you bro.

If you weren't dead before, you will be soon enough!

The Ultimate Vacation


Look at it this way: death is just an extended vacation that you don't come back from.

Regardless of what awaits in the great beyond, it means you don't have to answer those e-mails!

Ghosting a Class


Ever want to avoid the spotlight in the classroom?

Unless you can actually turn invisible, ghosting may be the best alternative.



The great thing about being dead is that you no longer have to meet your deadlines.

For writers, it may even be preferable to facing your angry editors!

The Bill Comes Due


Do you really think that would work?

Asking for a friend...

Somehow the bills always find us in life. Why should death be any different?

Die Laughing


If you had to go, wouldn't it be better to go out with a laugh?

It's always fun to tell a great joke, or to hear one. This might be our preferred demise.