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Fans Are Loosing It As Camila Cabello Is Set To Star In 'Cinderella' Remake

Camila Cabello has been absolutely CRUSHING it so far in 2019 and since she ditched Fifth Harmony let's be real.

This past Grammy's season gave Camila two nominations (QUEEN) and her smash hit Havana was recently announced as the globally best-selling digital single of 2018 — it's easy to say 2019 Camila makes me wanna sing ooh na-na (ay)!

To continue this amazing streak of *total world domination* it's been announced Camila will be starring in a live action reimagining of "Cinderella," which is SO FRIGGIN' AMAZING.

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It's been confirmed that Pitch Perfect writer Kay Cannon and Late Late Show host James Corden are also on board!

Fans are overjoyed that Camila will be representing her Cuban-Mexican roots as an iconic Disney character!

We stan Camila and her princess potential!

Naturally, fans are just as pumped to learn who Prince Charming will be.

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He's gotta be one kick-ass dude to stand beside Cinderella Cabello.

It's also confirmed Camila will be helping produce music for the film. ARE Y'ALL STILL BREATHING, OR NAH?

Thank you Sony for your reimagining of Cinderella that involves the people's princess, Camila.