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The Story Behind Man’s Last Trip To His Parents’ Meeting Place Is Heartbreaking

The most ordinary people often have the most surprising histories.

Have you ever had a conversation with a random stranger while riding public transit, only to discover that they've lived an existence more wild and emotionally-charged than any movie you've ever seen?

Everyone you've ever met has a story to tell. This is is Reddit user @randomjimbo's story.

It's the story of a Father who's goal in life was to make people laugh.

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The Reddit user talks about how when they were little, their father constantly told jokes, even in the hardest of circumstances.

"He told us when we were just kids that he wanted his funeral to be a party," they said, "To my father, even mourning had a bright side".

But after an operation gone wrong, he left a hospital worse than how he had entered.

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@RandomJimbo explains that initially, there was nothing even wrong with his father's health. However, a series of botched operations and "medical mishaps" had taken a toll on his body.

An innocent victim of malpractice.

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"My father's Doctor used his patients as Guinea pigs without them or the hospital knowing" the Reddit user continues.

"He slowly lost energy to live due to pain and becoming paralyzed from the waist down".

Despite his crimes, the doctor essentially got away scot-free.

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According to the Reddit user, the doctor's license to practice medicine was taken away, but he never went to jail.

He had top notch lawyers, and my mother and a lot of other victims didn't. According to my mother he went to another country to 'start over' but I don't know how true that is, we don't really talk about that.

The Reddit user's father lived every day from that point on in constant pain and discomfort.

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"He was paralyzed, but all of his pain was still present" @randomjimbo explains, "it was truly a long and painful road"

When his health took a turn for the worst, a charity in the Netherlands offered him a chance to take one last trip.

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The Reddit user remarks that the charity let their father choose "any place he wanted".

"He had a specific place in mind. One that he had never been to, but had always wanted to see".

He traveled to a place called "De Keukenhof", a garden where his parents originally met.

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The photograph is captioned: "My dad enjoying his last trip to the place where his parents met".

The Reddit user explains their father absolutely loved flowers, and that De Keukenhof is a grand garden filled with all kinds of them.

Shortly after, it was time to say goodbye.

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"My Father called in a request for assisted suicide and they granted it" the Reddit user explains. "In the end, his body just started to give out".

Friends and family members gathered to say goodbye. Even a childhood friend of his flew from America to the Netherlands to see him one last time.

As per his wishes, the funeral was a party.

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"He was literally telling jokes only an hour before it. Honestly I'm glad we got to say goodbye the way we did. Most people don't get that chance."