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Cool Whip’s New Birthday Flavor Is A Gift To Us All

Here's my controversial opinion for the day: Cake, on its own, is a boring dessert.

There, I said it. We've all be thinking it.

Why are we suffering through celebration after celebration eating dry, flavorless sponge topped with wax sticks and little fires?

There's a world of flavorful dessert choices out there, and I'm about to introduce you to its new leader.

Cake is cancelled—but Birthday Cake flavoring is in.

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Birthday Cake flavoring is the best of both worlds: a nostalgic callback to the parties of our childhoods, but widely available in a variety of different, scrumptious desserts.

You can get anything Birthday Cake flavored now. ANYTHING.

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I'm talking ice cream; pancakes; popcorn; pudding; pie; cookies; fudge.

There's a birthday cake-flavored treat for every type of person.

There's even Birthday Cake Flavored Cool Whip

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Yes, read that right.

Birthday Cake Flavored Cool Whip.

It's pink. It's fun. It's filled with sprinkles.

Kraft Heinz has yet to confirm its release, but shoppers have already noticed the new product hitting store shelves.

It's already getting rave reviews.

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A Cool Whip fan named Logan rated it a 10/10 on an Instagram post, and said that the new dessert "was not slacking on flavor".

I'm buying twelve, and it's not even my birthday.

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