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Rihanna Had The Best Response To A Fan Who Dragged Her For Promoting Fenty Beauty

It looks like fans are pretty much over Rihanna's business endeavors and are ready for some new music.

But bad-gal-Riri refuses to be bossed around, and some fans are finding that out the hard way.

Since the very moment that we found out Rihanna was releasing a luxury makeup line, we've been virtually obsessed.

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We figured that if Rihanna is putting her name on it, whatever it is, it's probably amazing — and we were right. Fenty rules.

On top of her makeup line, she's now expanding her horizons and getting into the fashion biz.

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Everything seemed to be going perfectly for Riri's empire and we couldn't have been prouder.

But, Murphy's law — something wrong was bound to happen eventually, and it did. Fenty released a new line of highlighters that sparked major controversy.

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Fenty names their individual makeup items — and usually no one thinks much of it.

Until one of the highlighters was named "Geisha Chic".

This immediately attracted negative attention from fans, and Fenty had to pull the item until they find a more appropriate name for it.

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They even apologized to anyone they may have offended and announced they were taking the item off social media and the shelves until further notice.

"being a geisha isn’t 'chic' it’s not an aesthetic to be worn??? I thought fenty knew better," one user wrote.

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"Really weird how the entire Fenty beauty team didn't catch how inappropriate that name is from the start," someone else tweeted.

Meanwhile, Rihanna has let us know that she is finally working on a new album.

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Since starting up Fenty, it's fair to say that Riri has put music on the backburner — at least temporarily.

But fans are starting to get agitated by how focused she is on dabbling in business, instead of music, at the moment.

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Comments just like this one were flooding in on her latest Instagram post, advertising a new Fenty product.

Exhibit B:

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Evidently, Rihanna fans are dying for a new album — to the point where they are straight up harassing her.

Her last album, Anti, came out in 2016.

So, yeah, the thirst is real.

Fans are even tweeting about Rihanna's music dry-spell.

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This fan joked that fans have been asking her for new music, but all she's been giving them is makeup.

Another fan tweeted implied how long it feels like it's been since Rihanna last released music.

They also wrote that they think when she does release new music it's going to immediately go platinum, simply because of the anticipation — which is probably true.

Finally, Rihanna clapped back at some of the comments — reminding us all exactly who she is.

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"Ok now can u please go back to singing," one fan wrote.

"I love how y'all tell me what to do. It's great," she replied.

"Annoyed. We want the album sis," someone else wrote.

"Well this is bronzer," she fired back.

On the other hand, almost just as many fans who were whining for new music defended Rihanna — tell her to do whatever makes her happy and forget the haters.

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Which is basically great advice for everyone, always.

One fan tweeted, suggesting that Rihanna is probably done with music altogether, and that everyone just needs to leave the woman alone.

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And I mean, I'd be shocked if she never released music again. That's just not true.

Another person commented on Instagram pointing out that "maybe, just maybe" Rihanna doesn't want to be a singer anymore.

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It's a sad possibility that Rihanna fans will not accept, let's be honest.

I guess we're all just going to have to be patient and let Rihanna do her thing.

Rihanna does what Rihanna wants, when Rihanna wants.

Until she's ready to give us some new music, we may as well get comfortable and enjoy some high-quality highlighters, amirite?