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Lil Xan's Girlfriend Reveals That She Had a Miscarriage In Heartbreaking Instagram Post

Sadly, after just under two months of being pregnant, Lil' Xan and his partner, Annie Smith, revealed in a heartbreaking and emotional post on Instagram that she has had a miscarriage.

Back in February, Lil' Xan announced that he and his new girlfriend (possibly fiancée or wife, we're still not sure), Annie Smith, were pregnant.

The two both seemed very excited to be expecting in their vlog.

The whole thing sorta came as a shock to the rest of us, however. Since Lil' Xan and his ex-girlfriend, Noah Cyrus, had basically just broken up.

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They had split just five months prior to the news of Xan, dating and possibly being engaged to someone else, as well as having a child with that person.

There were even conspiracy theories that Annie was faking her pregnancy as a publicity stunt.

Fans noticed that the exact ultrasound photo she revealed to her fans could be found on Google, dated from 2009.

This person actually tweeted a side-by-side photo of the 9-week ultrasound image they found on Google and the one Lil' Xan and Annie showed in their YouTube video.

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Obviously, this is just speculation. There's no way for us to validate this or not.

Others believe that the miscarriage had to be planned because Annie was "never pregnant in the first place."

"They faked a pregnancy and a miscarriage. They are disgusting," one user wrote.

But she came forward and denied the allegations in a YouTube video.

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Annie claimed that someone photoshopped the image and changed the date of the photo.

"I'm honestly really disappointed that we announced it and now this is the rumor floating around," she said.

On Saturday, Annie took to Instagram to share with her fans the heartbreaking news that she had had a miscarriage.

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She shared several videos of her and Lil' Xan in the beginning stages of their relationship along with a lengthy caption explaining the events that just transpired regarding her pregnancy.

"These were taken the first day we met and the first few months we knew each other. feels like a lifetime ago," she wrote.

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"I fell head over heels in love with you and only love you more and more every single day."

"I didn’t know it was possible to feel this way about another human," she continued.

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"Starting a family with you has been the most magical, beautiful blessing God has given me."

"Today i feel a hurt i never knew existed. a pain that comes from my soul."

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"To my beautiful angel, mommy loves you more than she ever knew possible. you have made me the happiest woman in the world knowing I had the chance to be your mommy," she wrote.

"Feeling you grow inside my body has been the most special gift i have been given".

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"My prayers were answered with you. I wish more than anything that I could meet you, hold you and love you. teach you all the beautiful things in life and show you the world."

"I wish you could’ve known how truly blessed you were to have a daddy like Diego."

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"We love you little angel. Always," Annie said, along with a heart emoji.

Lil' Xan, AKA, Diego — for those of you that were wondering where that name came from — has yet to make any direct comments on the ordeal.

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He did, however, share a few words in his Instagram story that are probably relative.

He told fans he wasn't "feeling well," alongside three broken-heart emojis.

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He apologized in advance if he is "M.I.A" for the next few days.

"I just need to get my mind right," he wrote.

Sending Lil' Xan and Annie love and positive thoughts — we hope they're able to get through this difficult time.

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Let us know if you're questioning the legitimacy of their pregnancy and miscarriage. Do you think the entire thing was faked? Or are the conspiracy theories harsh and ridiculous?