'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Creator Revealed That He Wants Bruce Willis As A Guest Star

Dan Goor, the co-creator of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, really wants Bruce Willis to guest star on his show.

During a Reddit AMA, Goor told a fan on Reddit that he wants Willis to appear on the series "for obvious reasons."

It's no secret that Jake Peralta is a major "Die Hard" fan.


It's become a running gag on the show.

Even the recent promo video for season 6 was essentially a Die Hard riff.

And I mean, who wouldn't be?

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Willis first hit it big in the TV series Moonlighting before Die Hard established him as an action star in 1988.

Die Hard is both a great action film and a great Christmas movie. Although Willis insists “it’s a god d*** Bruce Willis movie!"

Let's take a look back the most memorable "Die Hard" nods.

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It was pretty early on in the series that we learned about Jake's burning love for the movie.

"Die Hard is the best cop movie of all time. One cop heroically saving the day while everyone else stands around and watches," he quipped.

"Don't Quote Die Hard."

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In the first season episode, "Pontiac Bandit," Jake says "Come on, Rosa. Can't you read between the lines, man?"

Rosa immediately called him out for lifting a line from Die Hard.

"You're the Gruber!"


Later, Jake learned that his girlfriend, Sophia Perez, was a defense attorney.

Jake equated the experience to Willis' John McClane sleeping with Die Hard villain, Hans Gruber.

Later, Sophia made the same analogy, while comparing Jake to Gruber. Classsssic.

"I got John McClaned!"


While facing defeat in a training exercise, Agent Kendrick (Nick Kroll) taped a gun to his back, ala John McClane.

Kendrick's gambit worked, which both frustrated and impressed Jake.

"Yippie Kayak, other buckets!"


Jake finally got to live out his Die Hard fantasy in season 3.

However, it was ultimately Charles Boyle who got his Bruce Willis moment and saved the day. Who'da thought?

Hans, John and Nakatomi


Remember when Terry was sent three kittens as a prank?

He may not have liked the cats, but Jake loved them.

Jake even gave the kittens Die Hard themed names: Hans, John, and Nakatomi.

"Get a Grip, Terry!"

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There was the time that Jake admitted to once taking a train to Toronto to buy the Canadian Die Hard VHS tape.

Apparently, there was a rumor that the Canadian Die Hard VHS had superior quality.

"Die Hard 5"


Jake's love for Die Hard doesn't extend to the fifth movie, A Good Day To Die Hard.

Charles was there to remind Jake that he said Die Hard 5 "would be fine."

Even Jake was forced to acknowledge that a Die Hard movie was less than perfect.

Definitely Die Harding


There was the time that Jake and Amy were stuck on a roof with an important test coming up.

Jake volunteered to "Die Hard" off the building because of his love for Amy.

But also because he always wanted to do it.

The Nakatomi Plaza cake


Amy is such a great match for Jake, that she ordered a Die Hard themed cake for their wedding.

The Nakatomi Plaza cake even featured the groom hanging from a licorice hose.

A real "Die Hard" experience

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Who could forget the time that Jake and the 99 crew drove by Fox Plaza, the building used in Die Hard.

Jake insisted that they pull over and take pictures of him in the "real" Nakatomi Plaza.

"I'm telling Bruce Willis you suck!"


Die Hard star, Reginald VelJohnson made a cameo appearance, and we loved it.

Unfortunately for Jake, he managed to alienate Reginald, who declared himself an "enemy for life."

Reginald also promised to tell Bruce Willis that Jake sucked.

Will Bruce Willis answer the call?


It seems as though all of these nods should eventually lead to Bruce Willis finally agreeing to make a guest appearance on the show.

Last year, Andy Samberg made a personal appeal to Willis during an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Willis hasn't agreed to do it yet, but we're hoping that he'll come around!