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9+ Interesting 'Treasures' People Have Found On The Beach

I'm not really a beach person. At least, not in the classic sense. I wilt in the sun, can't swim, and don't do well in crowds.

But I do like wandering along a rocky shore on a cool day, enjoying a crisp breeze and looking for neat rocks and shells.

I'm sure these people also found cool rocks, but their beachy treasures are far more interesting.

Sometimes the treasure is pretty literal.

Reddit | mortys_mind_blowers

Inspired by the #trashtag movement, this person decided to pick up some litter at their nearby beach. For their good deed, they found a crisp $50 bill.

This Redditor's mom found a kilo of drugs.

Reddit | raisingrebelles

Some might also consider this a treasure, but according to the post, the cocaine was turned over to the authorities and was worth around $150,000.

Who knew a bit of dead seaweed could be so satisfying?

Reddit | chiken_cs

One end of the stalk is stuck so firmly into the ground that the wind and water have spun it around to create a perfect circle pattern in the sand.

This discovery is beautiful and fleeting.

Reddit | yuyein

It's a piece of glacier ice found in Torres del Paine National Park in southern Chile. The climate there is just right to keep the ice solid, but the heat of a person's hands is probably enough to start it melting.

Someone worked hard on this.

Reddit | ianhouser

Probably multiple someones, because I can't see how a single person could hold the rocks in place while also building the arches. Unless it was an artistic octopus.

Speaking of tentacles...

Facebook | OCEAN HUNTER Spearfishing & Freediving Specialists

That's one big, dead squid this dude found. Like, the head (body?) is almost as long as he is tall. It's creepy, and yet kind of fascinating at the same time.

A true message in a bottle.

Reddit | NOT_A_NINJA_

When some friends found it while fishing they opened it up to find the story of a man who also loved the water. They followed his last request, snapping a pic to share online before resealing the bottle and throwing it back out to sea.

No, these pianos didn't naturally stack like this.

Reddit | itsmybike

But it's still awesome. According to the poster, the display is part of a publicity stunt by a nearby music shop to promote a charity campaign.

It wouldn't be a beach list without at least one sand castle.

Reddit | MatanFink

But if I have to choose one, it would be this insanity on a beach in Tel Aviv. The detail is ridiculous, right down to the use of drier, whiter sand to make the whole little town look covered in snow.

This washed up on a French beach after a storm.

Reddit | Alehins

I don't know where the bust came from, but it's both beautiful and creepy. The mussels turn it into an eerie work of art. I would have returned it to the water after taking pics.

Here's another eerie ecosystem.

Reddit | Tio76

This glass orb was found on a Hawaii beach and it's beautiful. Looks like a tiny, glowing planet. The finder threw it back into the water so that the ecosystem could keep on growing.