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People Are Pissed YouTube Is Promoting Zac Efron's Channel

YouTube has truly come a long way since it's inception in 2006. We've gone from simply hilarious videos about muffins, songs about shoes and extensive MAC makeup hauls to major celebrities getting their own YouTube channels in an effort be raw and vulnerable with their longtime fans.

The lastest celebrity to hop on the YouTube bandwagon is Zac Efron (aka Troy Bolton aka Link Larkin aka TED BUNDY) and people are jazzed!

Instagram | @zacefron

Who doesn't want more Zac Efron content in their lives?

The first video he posted was an "off the grid" vlog with his brother Dylan, where they document their 96 hours in Lake Mohave, Arizona.

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As you can imagine, it's a lot of Efron family goodness.

And— a vegan pasta recipe! Mamma Mia, that's a-nice-a-pan-a-pasta!

Youtube | Zac Efron

YouTube also seemed pretty jazzed about the channel, and gave it a shutout on their Twitter account!

"Let's do this!" they wrote.

At first, it just seemed like Internet moguls supporting Internet moguls, but then...

People became increasingly displeased with YouTube using their platform to support an A-list celebrity's channel.

YouTube was originally a platform for independent creators to find a larger audience.

Of course now, in 2019, the industry has changed and YouTube is a multi-billion dollar operation.

Considering 99.9% of YouTube channels get zero support, let alone from the actual website, it's super frustrating to see.

And the tough part is none of this is Zac's fault.

He's obvs allowed to start a YouTube channel and do whatever fun, off the grid content he wants.

In the words of user @TechSquidTV, "Let's keep the 'you' in YouTube"— amirite ladies??

With all that being said, catch me subscribing to Zac's channel real quick, lol.