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10+ Celebs Who Had Incredible Glo Ups Since Their High School Days

High school was a weird time for all of us. Acne, "trendy" looks that don't age well, the general drama of being a all adds up to some interesting school photos.

For these celebs, the glo-up got real after high school. Let's see how far they've come since the days of cafeterias and AP Biology.


Seth Poppel | Yearbook Library, Instagram

The woman who taught us all to spell "glamorous" was a dead-ringer for DJ Tanner from Full House in high school.

Prove me wrong.

Her glo up from '80s perm to fashionista is the stuff dreams are made of.

Jennifer Lopez

Seth Poppel | Yearbook Library, Instagram

JLO's glo-up is legendary. While she obviously is a timeless beauty, growing out that pixie cut was totally the right move.

And that's not to mention her brow game, which has also improved. Queen.

Kim Kardashian

Seth Poppel | Yearbook Library, Instagram


That haircut.

What happened.

Kim thankfully ditched the mom-bob and flippy ends for her signature long locks. Am I jealous that she's always had great brows? Yes, yes I am.

I'm also a little surprised that Kim's lip filler is more minimal than I thought?


Seth Poppel | Yearbook Library, Instagram

I mean, come on. This is iconic.

The best part of this is definitely her side bangs being pinned away from her face. You just know her mom made sure the camera could see her face.

Reese Witherspoon

Seth Poppel | Yearbook Library, Instagram

When is Reese Witherspoon going to start aging? Because this is unfair to the rest of us.

This really throws into perspective just how alike she and her daughter, Ava, look. Ava is the spitting image of young Reese.


Seth Poppel | Yearbook Library, Instagram

This is a glo up, but wow does Madonna look youthful af today.

Her image has changed many times throughout her career. The blonde is the iconic Madonna blonde, but her brows look pretty similar!

I guess some trends really do come back around.

Zoe Saldana

Seth Poppel | Yearbook Library, Instagram

Her name is Zoe Saldana, and by the looks of it she is only mildly pleased to be here.

Zoe's unimpressed look is a stark contrast to her happy, bubbly self. I also have a lot of love for her growing out that haircut. A lot.

Blake Lively

Seth Poppel | Yearbook Library, Instagram

Oh man, I remember that #braceslife.

There's nothing worse than having to get your school pictures done with the braces you already hate.

Luckily, it was all worth it. Blake Lively has an actual perfect smile.

Emma Stone

Seth Poppel | Yearbook Library, Instagram

That black eyeliner is bringing. back some memories.

Emma had such a classic 2000s look, from the black liner to the choppy half curled, half straight haircut. It's safe to say that she glammed up.

Katy Perry

Seth Poppel | Yearbook Library, Instagram

Did everyone have that tousled bob cut at one point in their lives?

Unlike the others, Katy Perry didn't grow out her bob — she just straight up chopped it off.

Justin Bieber

Seth Poppel | Yearbook Library, Instagram

Oh man. Remember this Bieber?

Remember how many teenage boys immediately got that haircut? Those were the days.

Justin shaved all his hair off, got some piercings, and married Hailey Baldwin. That's a glo up for sure.

Taylor Swift

Seth Poppel | Yearbook Library, Instagram

Honestly, Taylor's glo up is subtle, yet chic.

Her hair hasn't changed too much — still blonde, but now she has bangs. Her brows also don't get plucked to death.

Taylor went from teenager to glamorous, classy celeb, and I'm here for it.

Lea Michele

Graeme Massie | Splash, Instagram

This glo up is aptly named, because Lea Michele is seriously glowing.

Who knew that a few years, a curling iron, and some sun could have this much of an affect on someone?

Megan Fox

Seth Poppel | Yearbook Library, Instagram

Effortlessly cool Megan Fox's glo up has been quiet, but awesome.

From the self-described "dork" to a hard-working, passionate mom and actor, Megan Fox is so much more than we ever saw in the Transformers movies.

Leonardo DiCaprio

InStyle, YouTube | 60 Minutes Australia

It's wild that the little blonde pixie kid in that picture used to be Leo!

Leo clearly isn't blonde anymore, but his smirk is still recognizable af. Now, what are everyone's thoughts on the beard?