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Japanese Artist Imagines A Magical World Where We Live Alongside Giant Animals

Growing up I had a friend with a huge cat. It wasn't fat — well, maybe a little bit fat— but it was just large. The furry devil was nearly as big as a medium-sized dog and there was something really satisfying to having its body sprawled across both our laps during sleepovers.

So I'm totally into these pieces by artist Ariduka55.

World's cutest bird becomes a giant, fluffy pillow.

Tumblr | Ariduka55

The Korean crow-tit, or baepsae, is basically a cotton ball with a beak and tiny legs, though there is some contention over whether or not it actually exists.

Shiba Inus were Japanese treasures before they became a meme.

Tumblr | Ariduka55

Shiba Inus are also adorable and every anime that includes one goes up a star in my rating. They tend to be pretty headstrong and independent, so one this size might be a bit much for most people.

Okay, just one more Shiba Inu.

Tumblr | Ariduka55

Ariduka55 told Bored Panda that she was inspired by the giant animals in Studio Ghibli films like My Neighbor Totoro and Princess Mononoke.

My, what big eyes you have!

Tumblr | Ariduka55

As an avid Ghibli fan myself, I can totally see the inspiration in her pieces. They make me want to go home and watch Castle in the Sky.

Some of the works are more fantastical than others.

Tumblr | Ariduka55

The digital paintings have a ton of color and depth to them, showing great technical skill. This butterfly is one of my favorites.

But many of them bring the giant pets into everyday Japanese life.

Tumblr | Ariduka55

This guy is me after a long work day. I wish my dogs were big enough to use as pillows. Instead, they use me that way.

I wouldn't want one of those cats to sleep on my laptop.

Tumblr | Ariduka55

I'd probably never be able to use it again. Still, it would probably be worth it to have all that floof in my life.

Really, my giant cat would probably be more like this one.

Tumblr | Ariduka55

"No hugs, human. You will rub my belly when I deem you worthy."

I think every cat owner can relate to this one, even if the kitty is super-sized.

h/t: Bored Panda